Retrofitting & Upgrading

What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting on Asphalt Plant
Retrofitting in the world of asphalt plants is a self-explanatory word which covers all the operations of renewing dated equipment, prolonging its useful working life and increasing plant performance. Retrofitting consists of adding new solutions to existing plants, replacing obsolete or dated technologies with new solutions and also giving new life to parts which need replacement while still reutilizing the plant parts which still have a valid life span.


  • Electrical bitumen tanks
  • Modified bitumen storage tanks
  • Hot mix asphalt storage silos
  • Pollution control units
  • Recycled asphalt production systems


  • Cold feed bins
  • Aggregate dryer
  • Upgradation of burner (Heavy oil / Gas / Coal)
  • Bag Filter unit
  • Presaperator
  • Controls and automation / Software

Retrofitting on competitors’ plants

It would be wrong to claim that this activity is limited only to plants manufactured by MARINI . Many clients who own competitors’ plants have turned to MARINI to up-date and improve their plants, taking advantage of the experience and skills of our specialists.

Why  retrofit?

Not every country’s economic situation encourages businessmen to make heavy investment in replacing their asphalt plants. Nowadays, with plant revision, it is possible to make an existing plant competitive even when compared to the most modern sites. Therefore, with limited investment, the company can be competitive and maintain, or even increase, their share of the market.

Upgrading = immediate economic returns.