This MARINI batch plant was designed to satisfy the increasing demands of clients for maximum flexibility, reliability, quality and environmental friendliness

UltiMAP: a world-wide success

UltiMAP plants are at the service of road builders throughout the world, with a credential of more than 700 plants producing asphalt for road building over 5 continents. The plants are easily adaptable to suit the specific needs of the client, from the simplest site to the complex site, from sites specializing in sales, to the sites using RAP. The multiple configurations mean the plants can be adapted to all types of worksite, respecting even the most stringent regulations, and offer the client a constant guarantee, thanks to the plant’s easy adaptation and reliability.

Recycling with the batch plant

Clients interested in environmental friendliness while using high percentages of RAP have found a valid partner in UltiMAP.
First and foremost is the recycling ring (a solution patented by MARINI over 30 years ago and tested in more than 600 plants worldwide) which perfectly combines high performance with low investment.
What if virgin aggregate screening is necessary? The best solution is to feed the RAP directly into the mixer – a good balance between the percentage of RAP which can be used and the amount of investment required by the client.
And what if the client need to work with maximum flexibility? The double feeding line (ring + mixer) is without doubt the best solution. Depending on the mix formula and the quantity of available RAP, the client can count on UltiMAP for producing specifications with both small and very high RAP content. In fact, when both lines are used together, UltiMAP can reach an asphalt production rate with a RAP content as high as 50%.
Are there conditions for using even higher percentages of RAP on a continuous way? The solution using a parallel drum allows the producer to reach elevated percentages (as high as 60-70%), writing off the high investment over a short period of time and consequently reducing the cost of the asphalt.

Wide range and maximum performance

The UltiMAP series offers various production capacities, ranging from 60 to 320 tph, and even reaching 360 tph with the addition of special selected applications on the top model. With such great flexibility, UltiMAP is capable of adapting to all work requirements, from the small-scale site to the large industrial-type site.

Ultra-flexibility and retrofitting

Over time UltiMAP plants have benefitted from constant and continual development. This steady improvement means that UltiMAP can be adapted to any kind of site, even the most complex. In addition, the experience accumulated over the years on such a large number of UltiMAP sites has resulted in the possibility of automatic and constant upgrading and modernization – an investment that will maintain its advantages over time.
Marini UltiMAP Asphalt Plant

Options and kits

MARINI UltiMAP can be fitted with a variety of kits for productions with liquid and solid additives. The plant is already set up to meet the latest markets trends, including foam bitumen production. A method for the production of warm mix asphalts in the full respect of the environment and guaranteeing, at the same time, a high quality of the finished product.

Technical Data

UltiMAP 1300
UltiMAP 2000
UltiMAP 4000

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