Cold Mix Plant

Continuous cold mix plants and cold recycling plants have always been part of the Fayat Group portfolio. But it was in 1998, with the acquisition of SAE (Société Auxiliaire Entreprises), that the group substantially increased its share of this sector. Since then, Fayat can beneficiate from the products (SAM, Roadliner, Packliner, etc.) and patents produced by this historic company, which has always been a well-recognized market leader in the continuous cold processes. Only thanks to a perfect working knowledge of emulsion and foam bitumen processes, can cold mix asphalts be produced with suitable mechanical properties for use in intermediary road layers. Thanks to SAE’S excellent synergy with their main European clients, it has been possible to design and improve their products to cover the wide range of client requirements, in a highly professional way.

For any information regarding cold mix plants and SAE’s range of products, please contact the sales department and visit the SAE website.

SAE - Cold Mix