Profit from Marini


It’s designed for your profits.

We believe more than top quality asphalt mix, performance and reliability our plants will deliver you profits, because we understand that your hard work deserves good returns; and a Marini MAC will. That’s because MAC is designed to cut production costs drastically and deliver you higher profits, isn’t it smart ?

Efficiency & Effectiveness.

The Marini MAC is designed to deliver high efficiency, that’s what makes it a STAR. Over 100 yrs of experience at Marini culminates in to the design of MAC, to deliver you asphalt at the lowest production costs. Blue flame assisted burner, efficient electrical drives, a high efficiency well monitored thermal heat transfer system ensures that you produce asphalt at very low costs.

Beat your competition blue.

The MAC doesn’t just make hot black asphalt, but also helps you beat your competition blue. The highly efficient drying systems, low power consumption and green plant initiative at each unit level, ensures that you produce asphalt at a lower costs compared to your competitors. Prevention of thermal wastage, heat recovery systems, control on rejection of material thru overflows and energy saving system designs ensure your competitors will scratch their head to understand your economics.

Save tons of precious asphalt.

The MAC’s Cybertronic control system ensures that you save every drop of asphalt that you can legitimately save within the limits. Thanks to its precise measuring systems, you not only churn profits for yourself but you will save precious fossil fuels. Online sequential real time weighing systems supplied on the MAC ensure your profits just do not begin with the purchase of the MAC, but your profit counters keep ringing with every ton of asphalt produced.

Produce profits for a lifetime.

When you choose Marini, you hit the highway to profits for a lifetime. Each profit-delivering feature will help you maintain profitability through out the lifetime of the product and not just one project. Moreover, with Fayat Group’s renowned Research and development focus, you are guaranteed to have access to every futuristic cost reduction & energy saving features that Marini is poised to develop.