Marini & Your Future

Marini-Green5Meet your challenges – including future ones.

The world is changing, our standards are becoming uniform, and so you need a plant that can work over the next few decades while not getting outdated. A plant that can perform internationally and meet the ever rising demands for quality and performance.

Technology that helps you meet global mix production standards.

The designers at Marini have designed the MAC to meet the highest level of quality standards of mix production. So, you will find Marini plants performing on European runway projects to national highway projects world wide. Our focus is the challenge that you will face over the years to come, and we want our plants to remain a STAR throughout. The plants easily meets all the global standards for mix production irrespective of where you decide to move your business.

Confidently meet all environmental criteria.

The thermal design on the MAC is built to meet strict environmental norms world wide. Not just mere conformance in terms of dust emission but also in terms of pollutants from asphalt mix production. Efficiently designed combustion systems ensure that the pollutants released from the plant not only meet the norms for today, but also for the future. Now, that said, MAC helps you conform to environmental standards even with production of low energy asphalt or high content hot recycled asphalt mixes.

Produce futuristic mixes today.

Being the leader means you need to lead on all front. MAC is designed to produce all kinds of mixes, including futuristic mixes like Low emission mixes, Carbon friendly mixes, high content Recycled asphalt and much more, today – that gives you a head start doesn’t it.