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Features you’ll love

It works for your profits

Does your asphalt plant just produce mixes or even delivers profits ? A Marini plant surely will. That’s because Marini asphalt plants are designed to deliver profits along with high quality mix.
Highest Fuel Efficiency

We believe that efficiency is what makes us professionals. Our customers are industry’s finest professionals and only efficient machines do suit them well.

Years of focused research & field trials are built into our products. We continuously improve our products, as we believe each drop of fossil fuel is important for us and our future. Our specialized drying system ensures atleast 20 % lower fuel consumption compared to other brands in India. Resulting in huge reduction of carbon emissions, cutting down construction footprints drastically and ensuring savings project after project.
Green Plant Technology

The Marini plants conform to high environmental standards. A classic example, is New Delhi. While all other brands in India, had to move their plants from New Delhi, Marini was the only plant to be approved by the Central Pollution Control Board. This means that if you really care for the environment Marini is the choice. Added to it the Marini plants are one of the most energy efficient plants. Energy Efficient drives, Smart operational techniques, Waste heat recovery systems, Energy conservation processes and lower number of moving components ensure Marini plants are very lean and green. Marini plants guarantee you, minimal carbon footprint and minimal impact on the environment – A very important feature for the future of infrastructure in India.
Recycling & Future Ready

The Marini plants are designed ready to use up to 45 % of Recycled asphalt products (RAP). As the plant is pre-programmed for high content RAP, simple add-ons on the Marini plant make production of recycled asphalt easy, even when the plant is not purchased with recycling options.

As the Marini plants are built future ready, with simple add-ons and without any change in the operating controls, the plants be configured to meet any futuristic mix designs like high content RAP, Low energy asphalt mixes, Warm asphalts, Cold mixes or mixes with variety of additives and modifiers.
Anti-ageing Mixer unit

All asphalt plants produce mixes, but what really differentiates quality good mix, is the life you get out of it. The Marini plants are supplied with industry’s most aggressive mixer unit & processing system, which is designed to limit the ageing of the bitumen during mix processing. This aspect of the plant ensures high quality mix and results in huge savings, an important fact especially in BOT projects.
Zero Civil Foundations

We understand that you value time, also quick set up is a feature that can help you in critical times. Marini plants can be configured with civil-work-free feature, that allow you to set up the asphalt plant without any civil foundations. Moreover, you save each time you relocate, as else, you bury the civil foundations for every new project set up.
Quick Set up

Zero exhaust-duct design on Marini’s latest plant models, reduce plant set up costs drastically. Container like modules with quick set up features are the main reason for Marini plants raising up industry benchmarks. Lower number of components, factory pre-assembled processes, pre-wired and pre-plumbed interfaces reduce work on the job site and save substantial costs and time.