Why Marini

It’s designed for the smart contractor.

When you buy an asphalt plant, you want it to perform. And a Marini plant will. That’s because Marini asphalt plants are designed and built to be as reliable as they are smart.

Designed to perform.

The Marini plants are designed for a long, productive life. Marini designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each feature is precisely built — inside and out. From the patented highly efficient dryer drum, precisely configured bag house filter and an anti- ageing mixer design to the final finish of the asphalt plant, every detail matters. The plant is rated at above average moisture content, meaning you are guaranteed about its production even in the midst of adverse site conditions. The result is a Marini plant that is smart, efficient and reliable, is smartly modular, and can deliver what you count on it the most – High quality asphalt mix at the lowest production costs.

Uncompromised Modularity.

Uncompromised is the synonym that suits the MAC. Every unit of the plant is designed keeping you and your challenges in mind and not just mere dimensions. A plant must perform and deliver first rather than just being modular. So, the MAC can help you face all your production challenges without having any bottlenecks. Modular tower designs coupled with Dryer and Bag house filter units in almost container fashion ensures quick set up. Moreover it means you do not need a large crane for erection and set up. Quick set up electrical systems and flexi-piping systems ensure you just plug-n-play.

Born to deliver.

A smart plant delivers what it promises; and only quality components and materials will help it attain. That’s why every Marini plant is built with superiorly engineered components, worlds best automation technology which not only is highly reliable but has standby control systems, even a power supply specifically chosen to give you the best performance possible. Materials like Hardox alloys, superior wear and corrosion resistant steels, Acid resistant bag filter components and ruggedly designed structures make the Marini plants – the real star in the asphalt plant market.

Build roads that will last longer.

Every asphalt plant makes mix, but it’s the quality that makes the difference. For a Smart Contractor it surely is not the technology of the asphalt plant that counts the most, but the quality of the asphalt mix it produces. “Anti ageing mixer design”, advanced computer controlled thermal system, and the highly acclaimed Cybertronic production system on the Marini plants ensure, that mix produced on the Marini plants perform better than those produced on other plants. Ultimately the smart contractor understand that the cost of the road is not just the production costs, but the cost at the end of the performance of the road being built.

Be worry-free and focus on your business.

We built the Marini plants worry-free. We want you to focus your time and energies on your key business and not on worrying about plant uptime and operations. That’s why, we build our plants to perform, so you stay focused on what you need to – more business. Reliability and performance are key reasons why we build the Marini plants the way it is. Each Marini plants guarantees to outshine and outperform every other asphalt plant in the market.

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