Long Term Mix Storage Silos

VAPOSTOCK is a patented long term storage solution offered by Fayat Group.

3E_longue_dureePatented system, stores up to 48 hrs under adverse conditions with almost zero heating.

This technology helps storage of hot mix asphalt up to 48 hours, with almost zero heating requirements, while successfully arresting oxidation of the mix & guaranteeing mix quality. Extended storage requirements can be custom designed.Principle: Oxygen trapped in the mix & silo account for a high percentage of oxidation of the asphalt mix. This trapped oxygen is removed by replacing the air trapped by water vapor, which stops the self-combustion and results in coking of bitumen generated by a temperature rise in the heart of the silo. Specifically designed anti-oxidation gates ensure water tight sealing and arrests further oxidation during storage. The cones are provided with electrical heating to facilitate smooth discharge. Special insulation and construction ensures, storage for extended duration during extreme weather situations.



Some of the benefits of the technology includes :
Production for the next evening to ensure prompt start of the whole paving supply chain at a specific time (trucks, pavers, compactors, labor …) which leads to significant gains on the sites by reducing waiting time on the paving site.

Asphalt storage in case of failure of a link in the supply chain of application or during bad weather conditions (up to 48 h).

Offers Instantaneous increase in paving rates and increased flow of cargo trucks during peak periods.