Think 5E

Markets are changing and rationalising, while at the same time, the economic crisis is having a profound impact on the way we execute our activities.

FAYAT Group has adopted 5 main development focuses:

  1. Essential: A “back to basics” approach, and/or an initial focus on identifying basic principles, which we refer to as the essentials. These machines all feature the technical elements required for basic operations. This includes safety criteria and compliance with standards, but not all of the ergonomic and/or multifunctional options are necessarily included in the product range.
  2. Ergonomy: The quest for greater user-friendliness and advanced health and safety standards are decisive advantages, especially in mature markets. FAYAT automatically offers these solutions on all types of machines.
  3. Ecology: The protection of the environment and the reduction of all types of emissions are powerful sources of motivation which vary from one country to another but remain inescapable and essential.
  4. Economy: The search for economical solutions, given the economic crisis, is also a key parameter that influences the behaviour of decision-makers, but always in conjunction with one of the other parameters.
  5. Evolution: Today, we think in terms of evolution rather than innovation. The machines are adapted to the needs of their era and must evolve according to the technical demands and the available technologies for a long time – at least as long as their service life.thinkwhite1