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Marini DuraRAP


Most Popular Recycle Range
Solution Range
DuraRAP 25 0-25%
DuraRAP 35 0-35%
DuraRAP 55 0-55%
DuraRAP 80 Upto 80%
DuraRAP 100 Upto 100%

No one knows recycling as we do. Marini DuraRAP, is a revolutionary technology from Fayat group offering a complete range of recycling solutions to professional road builders. Ever since our first patents, DuraRAP users, always desired to push the limits for use of RAP and so the DuraRAP systems are designed cognizant of the need for easy scalability and evolution readiness.

The major advantages of the DuraRAP system are :

  • Durable pavements : Each solution ensures prefect protection of bitumen (virgin and recycled), top notch rejuvenation and excellent metering & blending, to deliver best in class pavement performance.
  • Performance : The system is designed to ensure top notch performance of your asphalt plant while preventing wear and the need for maintenance, unlike other recycling systems.
  • Profitability : Top quality durable mix, Precise control over metering & weighing, lower energy requirements and high uptime makes DuraRAP systems the best-in-class technology, reducing production costs and delivering the fastest return on investment.
  • Easy Scalability : The evolution ready DuraRAP system allows you to move from zero to 100% RAP processing with great ease. Delivering minimal investments and maximum returns, allowing you to grow as you earn.

Customized Solution

DuraRAP solutions can be offered along with a completely new installation or as customized solution to adapt to the evolution ready and future-fit Marini plant that you own, call us today for a quote. Excellent scalability & intuitively designed for the future, ensures, that you can scale up your RAP processing as needed.

Fit-for-all Retrofitting

Not a Marini user ? Well, we still like you to use and benefit from the Dura-RAP solution. Its fit-for-all design feature allows easy retro-fitting on to your non-Marini plant. Available in numerous modules and combinations, call us today for a quote.