Hot Recycling in place – Voyager 120

VOYAGER, the only equipment on the market for in-place hot recycling of:

  • wearing course
    • conventional
    • porous
  • binder and base


Recycling up to 100% RAP

Addition of virgin aggregates up to 20-30%; possibility of strengthening road bearing capacity in a single pass

RAP (or RAP+virgin) lifted and weighed for perfect control of:

  • recycled material quantities and, in cascade:
    • quantities of new bitumen
    • quantities of additive
    • quantities of rejuvenating agent
  • automatic and accurate control of RAP temperature
  • long and perfect mixing
  • cleaning by means of rotating brushes of the entire milled surface
  • even tack coat application
  • total saving up to 20-25%
  • bitumen feeding point could be varied