Cold Recycling in place – MCR 250

MCR 250, in situ cold recycling machine, has been designed to solve three quality problems :

  • total control of the size gradation of the recycled material
  • weight metering of mix components
  • coating of the same quality as using a traditional plant

Main Advangaes

  • Two units which operate behind a high powered milling planer with all functions on board
  • The material gradation is controlled by a screen and the oversize is tipped into the granulator
  • Milled material is metered by a weighing belt: water, binder, cement and additives are metered by weight and are interlocked in real time with milled material metering
  • Homogeneous mixing is performed by a twin shaft pugmill mixer up to a capacity of 250 tph
  • Cost savings up to 40%
  • Brush cleaning the milled surface for a perfect tack coat

Main Technical Features

  • The height and width of the collecting blades are automatically adjustable
  • The mixer is mounted on a tilting frame, automatically controlled by a slope sensor, to ensure a constant mixing time regardless of the road slope
  • Mixed material is discharged onto the milled road surface through an anti-segregation chute
  • the whole process is automatically controlled and monitored by a PLC with Can-bus technology