RAP Asphalt


When we talk about recycling, we mean business. Fayat group is the undisputed leader with its unparalleled experience in recycling; offering state-of-the-art solutions including in-plant, in-situ, hot, cold or warm solutions. Be it batch, or continuous asphalt plants; or be it stablisation and recycling, Fayat group, as the world’s leading specialist, offers industry’s most exhaustive and thorough recycling solutions, to meet every kind of need.

Solutions patented over 4 decades ago and a global experience of over 1500+ references, ensure that you have the most reliable & tested solution with no surprises.

Fayat Group’s rich experience in civil engineering and the rich knowledge in understanding the challenges of professional contractors needs, ensure that the solutions we have developed delivers the highest quality of recycled mixes and the fastest return on investment.

You will find here some of the most popular recycling technologies from the group, for more specific and customized solutions contact us.

Cold Recycling in place – MCR 250
Hot Recycling in place – Voyager 120
In Place Cold Recycler
Marini DuraRAP
Mini-spot Recycler

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