The great advantages of AQUABlack, the online foam bitumen generator.

Over the last few years we have seen the consolidation of asphalt production at low temperatures on the basis of two main techniques:

  • Through the addition of chemical additives into the bitumen, both solid and liquid;
  • Through the addition of foam bitumen, obtained with or without additives before the mixer process.

The use of foam bitumen has been considerably developed in recent years. To cite an example, the production of warm asphalts in the USA has doubled over the space of one year, from 19.2 Mt in 2009 to 47.6 Mt in 2010, obtained with over 90% foam bitumen technique. The Fayat Group has formed an International partnership with the American MAXAM company, which is operational outside American borders, for the sales of a foam bitumen production technique called AQUABlack.

Simple and effective

The kit can be fitted onto all types of traditional asphalt plant, both batch and continuous models, and consists of:

  • a group for the metering of pressurized water,
  • a foaming gun for injecting water into the bitumen feed,
  • a control panel, operated by or integrated into the main plant software.

An easy to install foam bitumen kit

The metering kit can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the plant. It can be directly connected to the main water network to guarantee a continuous supply (exceptions can be made for winter months). The metering unit has the job of drawing and filtering the water, as well as checking the capacity and pressure. A compressed air injection line ensures automatic cleaning of the connections between the metering system and the foaming gun, so avoiding damage in case of freezing.

The innovative FOAMING GUN for warm asphalts

The FOAMING GUN is the heart of the system. Its characteristics and its easy installation are the key elements of this new method for WMA. The special injectors are designed to ensure the homogeneous penetration of water into the bitumen, in the form of micro bubbles, to render the foam as stable as possible. The FOAMING GUN is installed onto the bitumen line and requires no ordinary maintenance.

A simple solution which can adapt to all plants

The AQUABlack kit is available in various sizes and can be fitted onto all types of plants – continuous or batch plants. The various versions differ in the pump sizes and the type of injection, both connected to the main bitumen supply. The AQUABlack system is extremely simple to use. The foam is produced on request, and it is possible to pass from a traditional asphalt formula to a foam bitumen formula by simply selecting the water to inject into the formula. The first kit was successfully installed onto a continuous MARINI-ERMONT plant in France in October 2011, with a parallel flow TRF21 dryer drum. Thanks to MAXAM support, the process was validated in less than two days. After this first installation, the kit was then fitted onto several continuous and batch plants, not only in Europe, where the technique is recognised and highly regarded, but also in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. With more than 200 testimonials, the AQUABlack foam bitumen generator represents a simple solution that has been well tested and adapted to all types of asphalt plant.

WMA: savings that make you more competitive on the market

Important energy savings are made by producing asphalt at a temperature lower than 30°C when compared to traditional production; nowadays with this quick, simple and easy installation the asphalt producer can benefit from considerable economic advantages.

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