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Marini MAC SMART Sets World Record: 3015 Tons in A Day!

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A Marini MAC Smart installed on a high-speed project in Rajasthan creates record and enhances the expectations of road professionals in the country. Recently it broke its own production record by producing 3015 tons of high quality asphalt in a single day, the highest efficiency ever achieved on a 160 tph class machine world-wide.

Marini, known for producing high quality mixes, satisfies and enables the users to fulfil their vision and goals. A Marini MAC SMART engineered in India was delivered in Rajasthan, a place notorious for the ubiquitous dusty aggregates and excessive filler, making it one of the toughest places to operate an asphalt plant.

Therefore, understanding customer expectations and desires before we even think of supplying was crucial, recalls Blesson Varghese, MD Marini India, who has had two decades of hands-on experience in Indian conditions catering to the Indian professionals. Ergo, during several rounds of discussions, the customer was very particular about having the plant used for multiple projects concurrently. This obviously pushed the plant to work on full throttle right from day one.

Remodelled Dryer and Filler Systems

After our in-depth project analysis, accurate drying of aggregates was critical, since poor aggregate quality, disproportionate filler content and aggregate properties can potentially lead to stripping. Secondly, precise separation of micron-sized rogue filler from the aggregates due to the existence of excessive filler was all-important to avoid pavement rutting. Thirdly, bitumen control is an absolute must, especially in areas of extreme temperatures to prevent bleeding of pavements. All this demanded a customized dryer and filler systems to produce best-in-class hot mixes without any bottlenecks. The dryer on the MAC SMART 160 delivered an average output of 172 tph; 260 tons of excess filler was spewed out and the dryer consumption rated at 3.4 ltrs/ton.

Geared for Productivity

Having previously produced millions of tons of hot mix in Rajasthan, Marini knew what to expect vis-à-vis raw materials and operating conditions at the site. Ergo, the knowledge and technical know-how of issues and site challenges sets Marini apart from the rest as the Numero Uno in the industry. This makes a Marini plant work efficiently, effectively, and economically on any given day.

Smart features for future challenges

Marini India’s intuitive MAC SMART is future-ready to take on a wide spectrum of challenges, Indian professionals face in the sub-continent. The homologized dryer and filter arrangements guarantees highest capacity and productivity in the Indian Industry. A robust fuel system pipes all kinds of fuel, even those having high levels of mixing & impurities. The all-powerful screening unit ably handles even the flakiest of all aggregates and the roaring Marini turbo-mixer secures top-of-the-line mix quality. The Marini MAC SMART, therefore redefines fuel consumption patterns in the industry like no other.

High Performance Delivered

Commissioned near Jaipur in Rajasthan, the MAC SMART has already clocked around 75000 tons in just a couple of months with daily production averages around 1500-1700 tons. However, the company wanted to increase their production rates keeping the financial year ending targets in mind. Marini bettered its performance when pushed to its limits and on 2nd April 2017, the team had an early start to the day and by the time the sleepy villages woke up, it had clocked over 1000 tons of asphalt mix. And by the end of the day, to their surprise, achieved the gargantuan feat of producing over 3000 tons, 3015 tons to be precise. A feat hitherto impossible on a 160 Tph class of machines worldwide.
The rest is history!