GRIL Shillong_result


GRIL Shillong_result

The wettest place on earth gets a high-tech Marini to give a clean & environment friendly asphalt mix. 35,000 tons a month with over 5% moisture content using dual lines of recycling resulting in up to 40% RAP processing simply proves Marini is built for peak performances, challenges notwithstanding.

4500 ft above sea level, the site is known to be the wettest place on earth, receiving an annual rainfall of over 400 inches. Ambient temperatures and high altitude are a nightmare for any asphalt producer. Moreover, high moisture content in the aggregates drains more energy in drying the aggregates to the required level, impacting production rates adversely. Therefore, tough job sites with uncertain weather conditions call for a reliable and high performing plant that’s geared for tough operations, states R L Kashyap – VP at GRIL, and we relied on Marini again.

Reaching an Inaccessible job site

Transportation was a huge challenge, considering the narrow and long roads leading up to the site. Nevertheless, the MAC SMART was a perfect choice to overcome this challenge. Smart and compact dimensions of the components helped us in easy carriage.

Compact plant layout

Remotely located hill sites provide only minimal space for plant set-up. The MAC smart we discovered needs the lowest floor space vis-à-vis traditional plants in its range. This is quite crucial for projects sited in areas where flat lands are hard to come by. The Marini MAC SMART was just perfect for the job.

Quick set-up with minimal use of crane

The other big worry normally with remote and high altitude sites is the availability of cranes for plant set-up. The MAC SMART is designed with modular designs with latch-on arrangements that require just a 60T crane for no more than three days. Steel bases eliminate the need for any civil work on-site, reducing labour and equipment use.

Full feature plant

A full feature plant for its site allows GRIL to relax and not worry too much about space, performance, or cranes for set up. Two lines of RAP allows the company to preserve the environment to its maximum by processing up to 60% of recycled pavements. A 100 T storage silo further helps the contractor to take care of production when dump trucks are unavailable due to exigencies.

Next Generation Green Mixes

The GRIL plant was further configured with Marini’s proprietary smart green mix system to ensure that hot mix produced on the site has the lowest carbon footprint and there is no need to overheat the aggregates for long haul hours during transportation of the mix.

We can easily cut VOCs and CO2 emissions by up to 80% and 20% respectively by simply employing these features on the asphalt plant. Mahendra Agrawal Director at GRIL states, “our vision is to lead in the development of sustainable pavements that allow the future of India to ride effortlessly. We have invested heavily in technologies that make asphalt pavement more reliable, high on performance and ecologically sensitive. I like to employ technology for progress and performance and Marini has been a great partner in helping our company usher in some of the leading sustainable technologies successfully in India”.

Peak Performance in Severe Conditions

The site in Shillong is quite challenging as it rains almost all through the year resulting in high moisture content in the aggregates. This has a huge bearing on the project timeline and it becomes very important to push the equipment to its limit, ensuring we use every dry day to produce mix for laying efficiently, effectively and economically.
Producing high quality mixes with Marini with ease has been a pleasurable experience as the plant in the valley operates sans any noise or smoke emissions. The months of December 2016, January and February 2017 saw some amazing production records. In January 2017, we produced over 35,000 tons of mix, a record for any site at this altitude, states Archit Agrawal, who helms the project execution on-site.
We have implemented the latest technologies available in the hot mix industry resulting in the lowest environmental impact and cut carbon emissions greatly, he further adds.
Marini is built to perform and the Marini MAC SMART is the latest addition to the proven Marini bloodline in India. Professionals need performance and only a quality product built with smart features can help deliver results, adds Blesson Varghese, Director, Marini India.