We Serve, Clients Win

Founded in 1957, The Fayat Group is a 100% independent, family-owned company, that strives for long-term commitment with clients by being audacious and trustworthy.
The second generation of the Fayat family, accompanied by 20,000 loyal, committed staff, is perpetuating the Group’s longstanding efficiency and expertise in its construction-related business lines: Construction, Civil Engineering, Foundations, Energy Services, Steel and Lifting Equipment, Pressure Vessels, and Road Building Equipment. The coherence of these business lines allows unique synergies and enables us to offer innovative solutions both in France and abroad.
We are present in more than 120 countries and partner with our clients across the globe.
Our products address some of the most burning issues our times viz., smart homes, connected cities, 5th-generation mobility, energy transition, water management, environment and safety, health and well-being, culture, sport, and recreation, providing smart solutions to the society’s impending problems and diverse expectations.
Our independent, agile organisation fosters commitment and responsibility, augmenting close relationships with our customers for swifter responses to their needs.
Audacity is a fundamental value of the Group’s long-term vision and drives its spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, focusing on creating value for our clients, today and tomorrow, and work together for a profitable and sustainable growth in the future!