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150 000 tons of hot mix produced by Marini’s Roadstar in a record five months and finishing the project in over 10 months in advance demonstrates India’s leading road building company GR Infra’s appetite for delivering great results at even greater speeds. India’s first mobile plant with recycling capabilities and warm mix production proves to be the right investment for the family owned business.

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Ever since its installation and commissioning, Roadstar 1800 has never given its owner an opportunity to get disappointed. On the contrary, it has only rendered performance par excellence by achieving high production levels, giving GR Infra Limited (GRIL) an absolute edge over their peers when it comes to mobility and swiftness in the production of asphalt.

GRIL, already the owner of several Marini modular batch mix plants, smartly began looking for a mobile plant, that would not only help them in replicating the success they got with modular plants with regards to performance, productivity and profitability, but also zoom out a plant from one site to another as quickly as possible, augmenting their market share to a notch above the rest. And given GRIL’s reputation of not compromising on quality and speed, Marini’s expert advice to GRIL about Roadstar 1800 came in at the right time.

The Custom-built Roadstar 1800 is a complete package which can be located to any place at will and more importantly close to any site. This in turn helps operators to run the plant at optimum levels and reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption levels by over 35%, more so if your plant is equipped with the RAP feeding mechanism (25% RAP in this case). That’s a whole load to build on a plant, but this is what makes us Marini, says Blesson Varghese, MD Marini India.It’s also a delight to have all the components on two axle semi- Trailers which are easy as it gets in transporting the plant to any remote destination of difficult terrain. With this in the background, began an incredible journey of GRIL with Roadstar 1800.

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“It was love at first sight when I saw the Marini Roadstar. I sensed how wonderfully this machine can serve our dual purposes of mobility and agility. Returns on investment is second to none”
– Mahendra Agarwal, Director GRIL


  • Project Name : Suratgarh – Shri Ganganagar Road Project
  • Total Production : 1.95 Lakh tons
  • Average Monthly Production : 24,700 tons
  • 1.55 Lakh tons : In just five months
  • Total Project Length : 76 kms
  • Estimated Project time period : 1.5 years
  • Actual time taken : Just over 8 months
  • Client : PwD, NHAI


“The Roadstar custom-built for GRIL, was configured to meet GRIL’s insatiable hunger for top speed, top quality, top reliability & highest environment friendliness” – Blesson VARGHESE, MD Marini India

Commissioned in August 2015, it was scheduled to round off the project only in February 2017. However, the project was wrapped up in a record-breaking eight months, which flies in the face of most delayed projects in the Indian infrastructure segment. This alludes to the fact that Marini plants are not only technologically superior but also swift in action, thus drastically reducing fuel consumption and saving precious natural resources which are placed precariously at low levels.

To give a head start, RS 1800 nonchalantly managed to produce 1.5 lakh tons of asphalt in just five months. This was a pleasant surprise to GR Infra, considering how pernicious cost overruns can be in India owing to myriad delays in the road construction sector. Public Works Department, NHAI (National Highway Authority of India), the client of GRIL, was therefore, extremely satisfied and thrilled to see this ostensibly impossible work become a reality, thanks to Marini’s expertise and experience in the Indian context.

Roadstar closed off the said project of producing 1.95 Lakh tons for laying 76 km stretch in just over eight months with almost zero maintenance. It really augurs well for the country as it facilitates and fulfills Govt. of India’s vision of laying 20 kms of road per day. The 76 km road was on a national highway (Suratgarh – Shi Ganganagar Road Project) connecting Rajasthan with the state of Punjab, where the plant is currently being commissioned.
Roadstar is a great plant, smartly configured with top reliability and amazing performance track record. In India, most mobile plants have been awful in performance, however when I saw the Marini Roadstar, it was love at first sight. Apart from being the highest selling mobile plant in India and the most preferred plant by professionals like, I knew how smartly it could fulfill our needs and therefore, had no hesitations in investing in what is one of the most expensive equipment ever bought by our company. Now, the results speak for themselves with returns on investment thoroughly proven, states Mahendra Agarwal, Director, GRIL.

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Other factors that have played a major role in making light of this heavy work include – ergonomic design user-friendliness, easy quick maintenance, high quality grading curve, quick installation & dismantling of the plant and versatile production.
“It’s one of a kind Asphalt plant and was a pleasure running it because of its hassle-free operation and easy maintenance. I am extremely satisfied with its performance and more so with the quick service support we received during plant operation and it is indeed a marvel to see the project come to a closure ten months in advance”, GRIL’s site manager, Mr. P.K Tyagi points out gleefully.
Roadstar is tailor-made for all those who aspire for high speed, high productivity and high mobility.