One more reason why Marini’s Unstoppable!

L&T’s 20 year old plant restored swiftly; speaks volumes about Marini’s product support and commitment.

Asphalt plant is an important cog in the road construction industry. These plants set the speed for road projects and are always required to run at optimum levels, more so because they feed all the down-the-line equipments in road construction. Therefore, breakdown of plants and loss of productivity, unlike any other equipment, hurt the road contractors the most. Though some equipment could be replaced immediately at the project site and there are instances wherein contractors stock standby equipment, asphalt plants being such highly capital intensive, do not have a ready substitute when they break down, accentuating the plant’s significance manifold in the entire operation.

Good service and support are therefore, indispensible and their importance goes way beyond the mere cost of the equipment, since it not only impacts the equipment investment but the entire road project, which is multiple times the cost of the equipment.

Agility and strength to analyse problems when machines break down are critical, as this translates into time required to get the machine back and running. The response time and the ability of suppliers too are severely tested coz every call on this equipment is an SOS call.

As equipment ages, breakdown frequencies increase; it can however, be adeptly controlled provided the equipment is ably maintained. However, when it comes to road projects, everything is on the run and there is literally no time for scheduled maintenance, thereby, demanding robust equipment and technology to perform under duress.

a real life as

On 4th February 2016, MAP 140, India’s first and the oldest fully automatic skip assisted plant finished its required production for the day. Next day, L&T’s plant in-charge Mr. Venkatesh got down to his usual chores of starting his asphalt plant for production, but to his and everyone’s surprise, he encountered a rather unusual error message on his computer system. After having tried to troubleshoot the issue by himself, he called up the Marini team for support.

Quick-witted Marini engineers were online with the customer to locate the exact problem which was related to the software glitch on the man-machine interface, a technology that has given way to more modern and advanced computers. Moreover, peak production season means extreme pressure on the site. The situation is similar to a cardiac arrest. Everything stops!

Powerful yet helpless

A part failure could be easily managed by speedy dispatch of the part from the nearest stock point. An electrical fault or a mechanical issue too can be overhauled or restored easily. However, a software glitch can make even the most powerful engineering giant in India seem powerless. Neither a new CPU nor a new control system would be able to alleviate the problem. Only the rightly configured original plant operating software can ensure immediate start up.

Two decade old software

While the swiftness in identifying the problem was phenomenal, the next seemingly big challenge that Marini engineers would face was retrieving the two decade old software from the archives. Since the shipment of this plant around 20 years back, Marini has supplied over 2000 asphalt plants world over and 5000 plants in total. It looked like an impossible task to get the exact original software designed & configured in commensurate with the plant’s original configuration and that too with the correct PLC I/O’s etc.,
However, Marini’s commitment to care for customers doesn’t end with sales. From the archives of Marini, the original plant software was retrieved in just a matter of minutes – one more feather in the cap that re-establishes Marini’s “Numero Uno” position in the Asphalt mixing industry.

Equipments are never too old to not be cared for!

Equipment care is our top priority. It takes energy, commitment, discipline and experience to support and maintain the old archives that ensure our products hit top speed and customers never slow down. Warranty of spares for the asphalt plants may end, ownership may change hands, customers may even forget the model name, salesmen may come and go and the construction world may undergo drastic changes, but our commitment toward customers remains constant, says Mr. Blesson Varghese, MD of Marini India.

Speedy service makes Marini unstoppable

Thanks to the professional support from Marini, the software got wired to the 20 year old plant to produce quality hot mix the very next day, as if nothing really happened. In all this, we also understand the pressure on our customers and therefore, render our services right-away. All discussions take place only after the unit is up and running. Customer comes first at Marini, adds Blesson Varghese.

We were very worried when the plant broke down, especially during peak season. But Marini’s fantastic support and commitment just reinforces our faith in the brand. This is why we love Marini, adds the site manager.

Support from equipment manufacturers cannot be over emphasised as the plants turn older. Change in technology, advancement in automation and electronics further inflate the challenges in equipment support. This is where experience and total commitment to customers are an absolute must.