MARINI video mapping and technology: the meeting of two worlds

MARINI, a company which converts the modernity of its factory and plant technology into a forward looking vehicle of communications!

The buyer of an asphalt plant isn’t just purchasing technology and tons of steel. The buyer of a MARINI plant is also constructing his company on a piece of history – made of people and prospects, challenges and changes. With MARINI asphalt technology the buyer is acquiring long term insight into the future.
Entrusting all his expectations of profit to the plant, the client also invests in a long term relationship with the constructor, and together they form a strong bond to meet all the innumerable challenges and changes that the market presents.
This may seem puzzling to those who are unfamiliar with the asphalt market – but there is no business like the asphalt business in which personal history and business history are based on strong interlocking relations over time. These personal experiences can last for 20, 30 or even 40 years, the entire life span of the plant. This is a business which involves generation after generation of road builders.
Sometimes words can be insufficient to express the complexities of our market. And so MARINI has used the powerful vehicle of art to share its thoughts with clients, and has come up with the innovative form of video mapping to convey its ideas.
Not all readers will be familiar with video mapping, which also goes by the name of project mapping or spatial augmented reality (SAR). It consists of a projection technique to transform objects, buildings and, in our case, asphalt plants onto a visual screen. It’s a form of technological art which involves projecting computer designed images onto real surfaces, with astounding and spectacular 3D effects for the spectator. Video mapping is an example of how reality mixed with creativity can put a new prospective on space. Through light and sound the perception of reality is transformed. The sensational performance, with special surreal effects, gives the viewer a unique, awe-inspiring, emotional experience. Through video mapping MARINI has transformed its company brand into a thrilling and exciting 3D experience.
This art form was used to illustrate our history to clients visiting our company during the Open Days on 9th and 10th October 2015.
Our Glorious Beginnings

1899 – Starting out with the production of bicycles
1948 – Road building machinery and the first plants
1988 – The FAYAT Group take-over

The Present

A complete range of asphalt plants, mobile and stationary, modular, with up-to-date technology which enables them to respond to changes in an ever-evolving market place

The Future – which the Clients will help to write


Our intention is to communicate our innovative spirit, our forward-looking technology, but also the family traditions which pulsate throughout our company: the personal relationships established with clients, the importance we attach to our roots, and the ability to face future challenges.
And what better way than art to express the technology of the future and to thrill the viewer? A new challenge to create a channel of communication that transcends reality, and succeeds in promoting such a large scale product as a MARINI asphalt plant!
Challenge accepted. Mission accomplished. Now relax and enjoy the video. It’s about us, together with you!