TOP TOWER: A new point of reference for the Georgian Market

The “Black Sea Group LLC” company was founded in April 2005 and since then it has implemented numerous road construction projects throughout the Georgian market.
After being assigned major construction projects (including the Zahesi – Natahtari section of the international road Tbilisi – Seneki – Leselidze and rehabilitation of the Qveda Saqara-Sazano road) in addition to other ongoing projects, in September 2013 the group decided to make a massive investment to purchase a high performance asphalt plant MARINI TOP TOWER 3000 P (production up to 240 t/h) including a sizeable bitumen park (8 bitumen tanks – 2 of them having agitators for modified bitumen) in order to successfully manage production peaks and all the difficulties related to bitumen supply.
Another very important issue in plant definition was the possibility of RAP use. Again the request of the technical team was to obtain maximum flexibility and to use very high percentages. For this reason they firstly decided to pre-treat the RAP in order to guarantee the quality of the old bitumen and the size of the recovered aggregates and it was decided to choose a plant solution with one line to the dryer (recycling ring) with up to 35% recycling.
In order to be as innovative as possible, Black Sea also bought a polymer modifier bitumen plant modiFALT20 (production up to 20 t/h) and a cold mix asphalt plant coldFALT (production up to 400 t/h), which were specially produced and custom built by “MARINI MAKINA A.S.”, then installed in Agaiani – the company’s production base.
The abovementioned plant park enables Black Sea to fully satisfy existing international market requirements and to guarantee successful implementation of international projects. It is worth mentioning that, the cold mix asphalt plant allows production of asphalt concrete pavement throughout all seasons, with consequent quick, uninterrupted and qualified project performance.
Advanced technical equipment and modern laboratory services meet the most stringent criteria in terms of mix design, preparation of trial samples, field laboratory investigations and testing, and provide fast and qualified supply of multi-design materials (open graded mastic asphalt, modified asphalt and bitumen, cold and recycled asphalt) for the company’s ongoing projects. In order to promote the use of advanced technical solutions with high performance, flexibility and versatility, Mr. Amiran Mamutchadze, Director of Black Sea has organized an event at its headquarters on March 6-7 (which all the major authorities in the road sector in Georgia attended) where all its equipment and innovative products were on show.

As one of the most dynamic and leading companies on the Georgian market, the Black Sea Group is also conducting negotiations to lay the runways of Tbilisi International Airport, a project which contemplates modified asphalt.
MARINI MAKINA A.S.’s specialized engineering team is providing assistance in developing the technical processes for Black Sea’s material and technical resources.

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