Argentinians refuse to settle for less and order a MARINI asphalt plant

IESCA opts for an asphalt batch type MARINI RS 1800 plant

The IECSA company (ODS group), a leader in Argentina in construction works and road and rail infrastructures, have once again opted for MARINI when purchasing their new asphalt plant. A long lasting relationship has been built up over time, thanks to collaboration with the local dealer Baumaq and the experience of Carlos Medrano’s team, who are capable of offering an efficient, professional after-sales service throughout Argentina, in association with CAySI Consultoría Industrial.
The working site of the plant is run by CINCOVIAL S.A. of the IECSA – GHELLA S.p.A. group, who have been awarded the road works of BARADERO, located around 140 km from the Argentine capital. The project involves the complete relaying of a wearing course using a new SMA asphalt (Splittmastix asphalt).
For this reason IECSA experts, after consultations with MARINI technical staff, decided to purchase a batch plant which would guarantee the maximum quality of the final product. This decision was aimed at satisfying the stringent and precise quality controls enforced by the Public Road Works Department on the aggregates, bitumen and filler present in the asphalt.
With just a short time span for the plant to complete production, the IECSA managers chose a mobile plant which could produce up to 160 t/h. This type of plant means that, once a project has been completed, the site can be rapidly relocated to produce high quality asphalt in another part of Argentina.
A further important factor which led to the choice of MARINI Roadstar RS 1800 was the use of RAP material in the recycling ring. This option, which has been produced by MARINI for more than 30 years now, means that great economic advantages can be obtained with a considerable reduction in initial investment. The plant was supplied already set up for IESCA to utilize up to 25% RAP once it has a suitable working conditions.
With the arrival of the Roadstar in Argentina, a new chapter is being written in this long partnership between ISECA and MARINI, which began in 1968 with the first plant, continued in 1977 with the second plant and proceeds today with this new mobile batch type asphalt plant.
This easy-to-transfer plant has fully convinced the IECSA technical managers, due to the quality of the plant’s construction added to its ability to maintain a high degree of performance, even when working with high levels of moisture content.
So, once again, Roadstar has proved to be the unchallengeable mobile solution, the ideal candidate for paving all the roads in Argentina, right down to the tip of Tierra del Fuego!

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