MARINI at the 4th Edition of Road & Traffic in Baku

Azerbaijan has experienced a real revolution in the space of just a few years – a revolution that led it to increase its economic growth to 5.8% in 2013, a jump of more than three points from 2.2% in 2012. In 2014 growth is forecasted for around 5%, which may then decrease slightly to 4.8% in 2015. Whatever the case, the data is extremely stimulating, especially because of the heavy public investment in infrastructure and transport, which continues to be announced and implemented by the Azerbaijani government.
ROAD & TRAFFIC - BakuThe Republic of Azerbaijan is at the crossroads of a series of important road arteries, fundamental for the transport of the Caucasian area, which weave together in the famous ‘Silk Route’, the legendary link between Europe and China.
It was therefore natural for MARINI to take part in the ROAD & TRAFFIC Fair in Baku, to consolidate the links which it already has forged in Azerbaijan and to meet the main construction companies involved in the trans Caucasian network.
The ROAD & TRAFFIC Fair is the main meeting point for road sector operators and all aspects of the market are attended to. Companies specialized in the building of roads, bridges, galleries and working with road safety, public transport and IT are all involved. Each year dozens of companies from more than 16 nations converge on Baku to seal agreements with top-level professionals and the Authorities in the road building sector. The Fair enjoys the support of the Ministry of Transport and the most important national institutions. This is shown by the fact that the official opening of the Fair was conducted by the Minister of Transport, Mr. Musa Panahov, together with the Executive Director of Iteca Caspian LLC, Mr. Farid Mammadov.
We have therefore decided to openly demonstrate the continuity of our work with Azerbaijan. Numerous meetings have taken place between the 12th and 14th June 2014, the day on which the 4th ROAD & TRAFFIC Fair closed its doors until the next edition in 2015.
ROAD & TRAFFIC- Azerbaijan

Photo: CC Flickr Luigi Guarino

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