Getting closer and closer to our customers

MARINI - Fayat Group
Over the past few months we have been remodelling our communications strategies, including the restyling of our web site, which is now online – the first clear sign of our major undertaking.
Our aim is to renew ways of keeping in touch with you, to keep up with the times while still preserving past traditions which have made the MARINI name famous throughout the world. We want to back up our clients, wherever their location.
Alberto MontanariSo, whether you are an asphalt plant operator, a lab technician, local authority official, an expert technical director, a faithful client over many years or an entrepreneur who has just purchased his very first MARINI plant … we want to make sure that you are a centre-stage performer.
We have created new online systems and decided to expand the social network in our niche sector, which may seem a risky business, because we don’t just want to sell the very best in asphalt plants but also to write about road-building success stories, together with our clients.
For this reason we are convinced that sharing experiences and know-how is beneficial for everyone concerned, for MARINI but above all for its clientele, which can now with just a click of a button read about interesting, exclusive stories and fieldwork.
Therefore, we are embarking on this new project with great enthusiasm and ask you to support us by asking yourselves: what are the challenges you are facing with our plant and what do you most hope to achieve?
Whatever the answer, we want to face the future side by side.

 Alberto Montanari
General Manager
MARINI – Fayat Group

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