L&T’s Marini, add wings to Abudhabi

Within the next few years, 20 million people are expected to use Abu Dhabi International Airport as their origin, destination or transit point for international

abudhabi_MTB_21Aerial view of the on-going project at the Abu Dhabi airport

and domestic journeys. Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is tasked with the project, a part of the Government’s 2030 growth plan, strategic for Abu Dhabi’s business and tourism growth.

The centrepiece of ADAC’s multibillion-dollar investment programme is the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC), which will provide a full terminal building, passenger and cargo facilities, along with duty-free shops and restaurants for a total capacity of 27-40 million people a year.

ADAC awarded the project (worth $257m) to L&T for the construction of the midfield terminal complex and related airside and landside work. Scheduled to be completed in 28 months, the project is set create some impressive benchmarks in the middle east.

The MTC is set to create new standards in sustainable design with the environmental friend project been pushed to deliver new heights. The airport piers will be able to accommodate up to 65 aircrafts including the A380’s.

Un-rivalled performance time and again

When L&T embarked up on the construction of the airport pavements, they were sure of their engineering prowess, displayed and acknowledged globally by the company’s extra ordinary performance at the New Delhi International Airport Project (DIAL), where L&T produced and laid over 650 000 Tons of asphalt in less than 6 months. This time


too L&T chose Marini, to ensure top-notch performance and to create a new overseas record in productivity and performance.

Airport jobs are critical and with such air tight limits, we have no room for errors and this is the key why we rely so much on our Marini’s. Cost of production, high quality mix and other aspects are amazing on our Marini’s, but on projects like these, its the reliability & performance that counts the most states P S Pyne, at L&T’s Abu Dhabi project site.


Reliability & performance

Marini plants are known to perform and deliver as committed. Users across India, have experienced time and again the power of Marini and its reliability. L&T’s Marini installed at DIAL project, was then the largest asphalt plant installed in India, the site still holds the highest record for production. The 260 Tph Marini at the DIAL project, completed over a Million tons of asphalt mix, and is still production hungry and equally reliable. Since the DIAL project, the plant was shifted to Krishnagiri – Walajahpet Road project where again it was a top performer.

At the Abu Dhabi air port project, L&T needs close to half a million tons of asphalt, which is not a very big quantity for the construction major and L&T intends to achieve it easily with their proven, tested and reliable Marini.

Quick Set up, Get-set-go

To ensure top notch production and efficiency, in line with the carbon friendly vision for the project. L&T chose a configuration that delivers efficient operations and allows, quick adaptability for different mix receipes. A large storage silo, which allows storage and production of different mixes simultaneously, is a must for such high priority project.


Relocating a plant is often a challenge, especially when it is a full feature asphalt plant. However deft planning & preparation from L&T’s project team and the modular plant design of the Marini ensured smooth & quick set up.

Trained & dedicated support from Marini India, efficient & experienced in such critical projects ensured that L&T produced, tested and approved hot mix in a record time of less than 3 weeks, a new record at the airport site. Effective planning and project monitoring by L&T’s P&M team will ensure the runway is built on time for a perfect take off.

Visionary choices that ensure a great flight

The selection and configuration of an asphalt plant is critical and needs visionary eyes. Each model and feature opted by L&T is today ensuring amazing flexibility and reliability, helping L&T deliver some extraordinary performances. Many of the features selected by L&T around 10 years back, were unique and unheard in India, like opting for recycling ready

abu_dhabi_DS_team1346a9Mr. P S Pyne (Manager P&M), Mr. Davinder Singh (Head P&M) & Soundarrajan (Service Manager – Marini India) atop the 260 Tph Marini

features, modern multiple storage solutions, minimal civil works, mobility and energy efficiency, today these features are ensuring the vitality & greater return on investments.

L&T, today is one of the few companies in India, who have asphalt plants which are configured with smart options that allow future readiness and ensure that their high value assets aren’t out dated with time, but evolve with L&T’s growing requirements, adding wings to soar.