The first eTOWER 2000 installed in Russia

Marini is introducing its new asphalt plant range, eTOWER, and in a market (Omsk region) traditionally occupied by our competitors, Marini has every reason to be proud of the delivery of a new generation eTOWER 2000 plant to the Russian company Tatoyan specialized in asphalt paving.
eTower 2000 Russia
Generally, this new generation of asphalt plants meets the requirements of customers who are looking for the environment. Energy-efficient and well insulated, the eTOWER 2000 meets modern criteria and is suitable for the production of standard as well as low energy materials.

eTOWER 2000 erected in Russia

During the negotiation the Technical Team of the customer involved in the definition of the plant has pushed a lot to reduce the consumption of the plant; the insulation of the dryer, of the collection duct between the dryer and the bag filter, of the screen, of the hopper under the screen and of the hot mix storage asphalt silo works in this direction.
Tatoyan’s team appreciated also the flexibility and the versatility of the plant; the possibility to be completed also in a second time with all the advanced technical solutions (RAP, WMA,..), favoring high performance and there is no doubt that they made the right choice.
Another important point that has played an important role in the customer’s decision was that eTOWER is really easy to be transported (all standard trucks without special permissions) and with this new plant the transportation costs are really lower than the standard ones.

At the end of the day Tatoyan has taken into account in the best way possible all the energetic optimizations and the consequently reductions in fuel consumption with the maximum respect for the environment and taken into account of the future of the asphalt.

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