AQUABlack: Foamed Bitumen for Warm Mix Asphalt

AQUABlack: Foamed Bitumen for Warm Mix Asphalt

In the context of validating the performances of asphalt with foamed bitumen, the Colas Group has put to work considerable means from the Regional Laboratories of Colas Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Sacer Sud-Est, Screg Sud-Est and the Central Laboratory of Magny-les-Hameaux in studying the characteristics of this type of asphalt under real conditions.


Pardines platform, France
It has chosen the Pardines platform in the Auvergne for conducting these tests as there is a quarry there as well as an RF 300 City Star ERMONT hot-mix asphalt plant since January 2012. The mobile ROADMASTER 160 on the site since 2000 has been replaced after producing more than a million tons of hot-mix asphalt. The RF 300 City Star ERMONT is one of the latest- generation of MARINI-ERMONT continuous asphalt plants and offers an extensive range of functions, such as an output range of 150 to 300 T/h, recycling rates that can vary from 0 to 50%, the capacity to produce warm-mix asphalt with foamed bitumen (AQUABlack kit) or with liquid additives (Batidope kit), and the possibility of producing special asphalt with the addition of solid additives. Lastly, the plant is controlled by the SoftMix software that benefits from the breakthroughs in terms of energy traceability of the brand new EcoEnergy module. The Pardines plant is therefore a pilot site for the Colas Group insofar as it is one of the first continuous plants to be equipped with a foamed bitumen generation system.

rf 300

RF 300 City Star ERMONT in a building
The tests were conducted from 5th to 7th November 2012. They entailed producing and applying various asphalt formulas on the Pardines platform itself, right by the loader working area between the quarry aggregate stocks and the asphalt plant. A paver-finisher, tyre compactor (3T per tyre) and 8.5 ton tandem compactor were mobilised in this regard.