MARINI CHINA delivers the most impressive plant in Asia!

Ley Choon Asphalt Plant - Singapore
MARINI CHINA has ventured out of its preferred Chinese market to deliver a plant in Singapore that is exceptional by its size (45 m tall, the largest in Asia), its modernity and its technological possibilities.
Ley Choon Group, based in Singapore, has been a MARINI customer since 2006. The companies maintain close business ties based on mutual trust. Keenly committed to innovation, Ley Choon wanted a facility ahead of its time, without compromising on technology. Following an in-depth analysis of existing technical solutions, Ley Choon submitted a complex set of specifications to MARINI, incorporating all of its requirements.
Over and above the specific features linked to the plant itself, project management constraints had to be factored in too: the plant had to be built in keeping with the customer’s overall project, with extension of the existing site, construction of new buildings, definition of the plant’s interfaces with the buildings and the flow of materials and vehicles.
MARINI took up the challenge and came up with and built a MAC 360 (360 t/h) plant meeting every one of these specifications.


Three techniques are available:

  • Recycling by introduction into the recycling ring of the dryer (a 30% recycling rate);
  • Introduction of recycled materials directly into the mixer (25% recycling rate). By choosing a five-ton mixer, over-sized, a high production output can be maintained, including for formulas that incorporate reclaimed materials;
  • Recycling in a double dryer drum (recycling rate of 50% and over).

A particularly appealing feature of this plant is the possibility of combining recycling technologies in the dryer drum and recycling ring, in order to reach recycling rates of up to 70%, and even 80%.

Warm-mix asphalt

The AQUABlack foamed bitumen system has been supplied for the first time in Asia. Water is injected at very high pressure into a spra

y injector – the Foaming Gun.

Asphalt storage

1,000 tons, in 10 compartments, a unique design making it possible to:

  • Swiftly supply all of the maintenance projects across Singapore,
  • Capitalise on short periods for applying asphalt between rain spells,
  • Lastly, offer up a whole range of necessary formulas.

The commissioning of the plant (summer 2013) meant that all of the equipment could be tested under all the operating conditions – including the most extreme:

  • The usual systems, made more complex by the size of the plant and interfaces with the new technical solutions,
  • The recycling solutions, tested individually and then together according to a complete protocol,
  • Lastly, in warm-mix production.


After two months in operation, the plant has produced over 100,000 tons, with an average recycling rate of 45%.
What the customer, Ley Choon Group, has to say:

“I could feel the passion of MARINI people for making this plant a success. Each requirement of performance has been deeply taken into consideration. This plant is beyond my imagination!”

Singapore, Asphalt plant operator

exclaimed the Director of the Ley Choon Group Asphalt Division at the end of the plant’s commissioning period.

This exciting project for MARINI has allowed our customer to meet its goal: a very-high-performing plant, a very high rate of recycling, energy savings and a high production capacity. So many goals that match MARINI’s strategy to a tee: to be a leading stakeholder in Asphalt techniques.

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