Stradasfalti: from 120 to 200 TPH of asphalt thanks to retrofitting

We are proud to present this remarkable example of planning and implementation of a number of retrofittings which, in just a few short years, have transformed an old-style asphalt plant with limited output into a modern reliable plant capable of producing more than 200 t/h.
Stradasfalti’s collaboration with Marini Alfonsine has its roots in the early 1970s, with the purchase of a Marini M65 plant coupled to an E150 dryer. The site saw a series of progressive changes beginning in the late 1980s, when the sturdy old M65 was replaced by a Marini 121 with a higher powered E220 dryer.
In 2001 the first up-dating took place:

  • replacement of the old, manually-operated control cabin with a new high-spec cabin, fitted with a new computerized Cybertronic 500 control system. Thanks to this operation, Stradasfalti could optimize production and consumption control management.
  • replacement of the old cold feeders with new higher capacity feeders, with improved machine loading management.

In 2004 the second phase of modernization took place:

  • replacement and up-dating of the recovered fines and imported filler.
  • introduction of the recycling feed into the recycling ring to use the RAP material for base courses.

2008 saw the need for further up-dating which can be summarized in two important steps:

  • introduction of cold scarified RAP into the mixer by means of an elevator-bin and material weighing belt, for feeding the RAP into every single mix; in this way, on the basis of production requirements, RAP could be fed into the recycling ring or into the mixer.
  • up-dating of the dryer with a similar-size drum, with improved design and efficiency; a dryer with the latest generation flights and recycling ring.

Before and After

In October 2013 another up-date was to represent a milestone in the life of this historic site, when STRADASFALTI MEZZOCORONA TRENTO purchased and installed a new mixing tower for their batch type MARINI UltiMAP 2700 to replace a reliable but dated MARINI M121, a tower designed in the 80s. When the new tower was added to the high-performance plant, an 80t/h increase in production was made, rising from 120 t/h to 200t/h.
An interesting installation has allowed a part of the plant to be conserved, which is still in perfect condition today. The tower was erected on the original storage bin, after verification of the structural loads and relative reinforcing, resulting in modernization with consequent savings. A excellent example of Marini quality lasting over the years!
To complete the site, the plant was fitted out with new hardware and the latest management software CYBERTRONIC 500, to guarantee that all the new plant components could be utilized to the best of their potential.

This experience illustrates how a policy of advancement in small steps, avoiding excessive risks of high investment, has led over a ten-year period to complete site renewal. Today this state-of-the-art plant can successfully compete with the most recent of plant installations.