Tomat Spa and Marini: a smart choice

The Tomat company from Friuli has chosen the Marini Top Tower 3000  to produce road building materials for construction of the third lane of the Villesse-Gorizia motorway intersection.
Asphalt PlantExcellent technology, maximum flexibility, quick assembly and guaranteed standard of production – these are the qualities that led Tomat to choose this Marini 200 tph plant.

An asphalt plant made for the jobsite

The asphalt plant was designed for working in motorway conditions: all component parts including the aggregate cold feeders are positioned on metal foundations on compact ground (2.5 kg/ and all cables are external. In this way costs of ancillary plant structures have been optimized and Top Tower 3000 is ideal for re-locating on other working sites.

Environment as a priority

Environmental concern is another aspect that has been taken into consideration. Bitumen and fuel silos have been fitted with an overflow tank to avoid bitumen spillage (in case of breakdown) and consequent ground pollution and, to optimize work procedures, this eco-friendly solution is also being considered for the pumps and pipes.

In addition, special attention has been given to reducing emissions into the atmosphere and, with this in mind, the hot asphalt storage bins have now been insulated as standard procedure. Wherever plant parts might experience vapour emissions, close attention has been paid to finding an adequate solution.

Ecogravel: ecology in road building

EcogravelFrom the very beginning, it was proprietor Eddi Tomat’s intention to use an innovative product called Ecogravel to replace basalt aggregates and to guarantee a better quality of asphalt road pavement. Ecogravel is produced as a steel by-product by the transformation of slag from the EAF (electric arc furnace) fusion process. The slag cools slowly, to avoid excessive vitrification which would compromise the characteristics of the final product. Then the product undergoes the subsequent processes of crushing, screening and iron-removal to produce the required sizing.

Among its qualities, Ecogravel has such high abrasion characteristics and resistance to chipping (Los Angeles) that upgraded anti-wear plates have had to be employed.

One of strengths of Ecogravel is the reliability of the grading curve which means it can satisfy highly stringent specifications. This result is achieved because of the consistency of the raw materials produced in the crushing plant and thanks to the efficient quality control programme (implemented by the Danieli Group in Buttrio, Udine), in conformity with CE regulations.
The environmental issues associated with the use of this precious steel by-product are considerable. It is well-known that the production of natural aggregate results in a heavy environmental footprint. Nowadays, Danieli is able to transform a secondary material such as slag from steelworks into an industrial aggregate which can replace natural aggregate, with resultant savings in natural resources and energy.

Ecogravel: an economical and ecological solution

ecologyOf equal importance are the economic aspects connected with the use of Ecogravel. The cost of natural aggregates with specific performance rates (basalts and porphyries) is known to be higher in comparison with normal natural aggregates. Consequently, a secondary material like slag, that previously had to be suitably disposed of, can nowadays be considered a rich source of profit.

Energy savings (both electric and thermal) guaranteed by the special site layout, together with optimum site organization, have resulted in a production rate of 30,000 tons in just 6 months and have allowed the site to complete the work within the preset time limit.

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