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Airport projects are always synonymous with competence and experience

This is reason why Lane is renowned as one of the largest and most experienced airport paving contractors in the United States.
Lane Construction Corporation is a family-owned company with over 120 years of experience. It is a global transportation and heavy civil construction leader, based mainly in the US East Coast, Texas and Illinois, where it has successfully completed many construction projects in various airports including Atlanta, GA, Washington, TN, Bangor, ME and many others.
LANE has the ability to rapidly organize and mobilize resources to deliver successful projects. This has helped LANE expand to airport runways in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A challenging project in airport pavement

Top Tower 4000 - Marini Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

The Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC) is destined to become the gateway to Abu Dhabi and the future home of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE. Planned capacity of the facility is expected to reach 30 million passengers, and the Local Authorities are pressing to complete the huge jobsite as soon as possible. For the Emirates, this project represents a new gateway for the development of tourism in Abu Dhabi and a great increase in business. The terminal’s construction is expected to be completed in 4 years.
LANE is the prime contractor awarded the runway paving consisting of repaving, ground lighting, and drainage for the construction of a new 4.3 km long by 60m wide runway and over 20 taxiways. All this means over 330,000 metric tons of asphalt in just 6 months!
Thanks to LANE’s abundant asphalt experience, with more than 70 asphalt plants in the USA alone, a decision has been made to only partner with the finest companies offering the best after sales service (link to our after sales service web pages).

Marini. The ideal partner for airport pavement projects

LANE mechanical team evaluated the solutions available on the market and choose a Marini Plant from Fayat Middle East. The final choice has been a Top Tower 4000 Marini Asphalt Plant with a production up to 300 t/h. Lane already is operating a Marini MAP 200 asphalt plant.
The LANE technical team has been particularly appreciative of the modular design of the Marini plant, with a view to increasing work in the near future. They have taken into account the capability of the TOP TOWER to be upgradeable with a recycling ring, including the ability to accept up to 35% recycled materials, and add additional hot mix storage silos.
LANE required a plant at the top level with particular emphasis on its technological, and ecological features including low emissions, low noise, and low power consumption. Above all LANE required a high capacity plant with a modular design such as external wiring and bitumen lines, containerized modules, and ability to run liquid and solid additives.
Only with the cooperation between top companies is it possible to positively face these challenging projects. We believe that, for this jobsite, the combination of LANE Contracting and Marini can lead to the achievement of the final target: work completed on time, with the best quality, efficiency and savings.

Airport Pavement

Photo Credits: Vancent Photo