Marini DuraRAP:Profitable and Sustainable Recycling Technology

Recycling asphalt is not an option any more. The need for recycling is becoming inevitable, especially in the present economical climate and the days we foresee ahead. The savings that can be achieved by recycling of depleting and non-renewable natural resource is massive. Huge enough to change the bottom lines of companies. Our natural resources are eroding so fast, that we can’t afford to bury anymore this gold in to road embankments, base courses or in landfills. Every responsible professional road builder therefore must recycle, not just for sustainable development sake, but also for sustainability of the industry itself.


Yearly savings using DuraRap on a production of 100 000 Tons
RAP % used in the Hot mix RAP with 3% Bitumen content RAP with 3.5% Bitumen content
10% 1.51 Crores 1.74 Crores
20% 2.3 Crores 2.62 Crores
25% 3.0 Crores 3.55 Crores
30% 4.4 Crores 4.4 Crores

(All costs in INR)
RAP Assumptions :
Bitumen content in RAP: 3-3.5%
Mix Production: 100 000T/year
Finance: 14.5% p.a.

unnamed(2)A Marini producing high quality RAP mixes in North India

unnamed(3)RAP being processed on a Marini

unnamed(4)Combination of DuraRAP & Warm Mix production

unnamed(5) High quality RAP mixes being tested on dispatch

unnamed(6)A recently commissioned Marini

unnamed(7)Blesson Varghese – MD Marini India

Marini’s latest offer – DuraRAP, is based on proprietary technology that has been proven world over on thousands of asphalt plants. Compared to traditional methods of recycling DuraRAP takes a leap forward in terms of energy efficiency & safe guarding important characteristics of liquid asphalt, thereby offering a very durable recycled asphalt mix. The three key advantages that Marini DuraRAP delivers are : Durability – of the pavements Performance – of the technology and equipment Profitability – for the contractor.

Durability : Reliable & performing recycled mixes

The Marini DuraRAP technology delivers industry’s best and highest quality of recycled asphalt mix. Each component is accurately metered and mixed under very tight controls, delivering a very precise mix. Oxidation of liquid bitumen is the biggest challenge during production of recycled asphalt mixes. However RAP produced with Marini DuraRAP, delivers the mixes with the lowest aging index. Mal-effects of oxidation as seen on RAP mixes produced with on other available systems, are non existent with the Marini DuraRAP, making your pavements more Durable & Performing. DuraRAP offers the largest & finest aggregate gradations, absolute control on three different kinds of fillers/fines, increasing further the performance and compliance to high specifications. Better mixing and proper heat transfer ensures that problems like cracking, trouble during compaction and performance under stress as faced on mixes produced by alternative RAP systems are almost non-existent with the DuraRAP system.

Performance : Delivering unmatched productivity

DuraRAP does not just deliver great performing roads, but also ensures that your equipment performs at its best and its peak all the time. Thanks to the specific smart temperature control on the DuraRAP system, the complete plant system can be kept at the preset or 150/160 Deg C at all the time. Lower system temperature’s reduce stresses on the plant and ensures higher uptime and absolute peace of mind. The DuraRAP with its well thought incinerator design ensures any light oils and other particulates collected during milling and processing in the mix, is incinerated and doesn’t harm the mix or the equipment or the environment. Thus delivering the high environmental emission standards. Lower & controlled operating temperatures ensure lowest operating costs and decreases downtime. The DuraRAP system also increase the productivity of the asphalt plant and reduces mix production costs drastically

Profitability: Best achievable production costs

DuraRAP technology keeps the complete plant’s thermal requirements at the lowest possible and achievable limits, guaranteeing that your recycled asphalt is the most economical and most profitable in the market. With the lowest operating costs, highest efficiency, best plant uptime and unbeatable productivity the Marini DuraRAP delivers the highest profitability and unmatched performance. Our customers are reaping the benefits in manifold ways with the Marini DuraRAP system. It delivers the most durable, performing and profitable asphalt mix, says Blesson Varghese Managing Director Marini. The system delivers massive reduction in wear and tear and therefore plant shutdowns. Marini DuraRAP is for those who are interested in profitability with complete peace of mind.

Complete turnkey solution

We do not just supply technology, but we share with each of our customers, deep insights and experience that we have accumulated as world-leaders in the field of asphalt recycling. Training, equipment selection, mix design, performance testing etc.. are all offered as a package from Marini, adds Mr. Varghese

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