Jugokop d.o.o. selected Top Tower 3000

Asphalt Plant - Serbia
Jugokop d.o.o., which was founded in 1990 as a haulage company, is nowadays one of the leaders in road construction in Serbia.

In January 2012, the company purchased one of the latest generation asphalt plants – the Marini Top Tower 3000.

In recent years, the markets of Eastern Europe have proved to be increasingly attentive to reducing both energy consumption and production costs and this has led the client to choose an innovative asphalt plant, designed to be used with the most up-to-date asphalt technology and with high percentages of RAP.

The client showed immediate interest in Marini’s state-of-the-art plant, designed to reduce energy consumption, and to use RAP in the ‘recycling ring’ (a solution patented by Marini as early as the 1980s which allows as much as 35% recycled material feed into the drum). These significant factors determined the client’s final choice.

A singular characteristic of the plant is the dryer-filter-recovered fines unit, with the filter and recovered fines hopper stacked above the dryer drum. This solution results not only in the reduction of site area, but also savings in electro-thermal power consumption.

This Marini plant has become a term of reference, above all for clients in former Yugoslavian states which, as we have already mentioned, are increasingly aware of the importance of energy savings, the environmental footprint and the cost-efficiency of production.

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