Ashoka install the greenest asphalt plant

Talking green, is a norm in today’s industry. However there are those who talk, and then there are those who walk the talk. Ashoka Buildcon’s continued commitment to building a sustainable future for India, is reflected in its recent move of walking its green talk.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Setting up corporate goals is much easier than implementing them, uncertain times like these make it even more difficult. However Ashoka Buildcon known for its innovation and industry leadership, set Indian industry standards by becoming one of the first public limited company, having opted for ISO 14064 certification for reporting green house gases and complying with international requirements.


The CEO and Group President of ISC, Tony Wilde, stated: “Ashoka Buildcon and other large organizations in India will play a critical role in the country’s response to climate change. Ashoka’s leadership position on this issue places it at the forefront of global business and sets an example for all to follow.”

In addition to its leadership in the reduction of emissions from construction activities, Ashoka “seeks to reduce the environmental impact in road construction and promote sustainable construction methods” states Sanjay Londhe CEO.

Walking the talk with technical advantage

The recent investment at one of the company’s prestigious project in Calcutta

demonstrates clearly Ashoka’s corporate philosophy in action, a MARINI asphalt plant combining energy efficiency, recycling & environment friendly asphalt mix production capability with an increased throughput capacity.

“Corporates like Ashoka which tackle this issue head-on are well placed in the face of an emerging global carbon economy where carbon trading is increasingly taking place in international markets, states Blesson Varghese.

Ashoka’s Marini will enable the company to produce a wide range of futuristic mixes including recycling capabilities of up to 35 % and with further enhancements up to 45 % and more. The proprietary Marini system installed by Ashoka, was patented by MARINI over 30 years back and today is renowned as the best system for

production of recycled mixes with the highest productivity and fuel efficiency. The Marini system would help Ashoka to reduce up to 25% of carbon emissions, which would be the case otherwise.

Savings, Speed and Success

The Marini installed at Ashoka’s Kharagpur- Dhankuni toll road project reflects carbon friendliness right from its roots. Ashoka opted for a plant with requires minimal concrete foundations. The self standing plant, further requires very minimal crane hours, for set up, further reducing the carbon impact during the setting-up phase of the asphalt plant. Engineers from Marini erected & produced the first load of asphalt mix in a record 19 days.


Each unit on the Marini is thoughtfully designed for energy efficiency. The very first time I saw the plant in operations and witnessed the amazing savings in production costs, I was convinced that a Marini is the right choice, to secure for our company, a very green future, states Prashant Kanade heading the P&M Division. The project In-charge Ganesh Rao, says, I have worked overseas with Marini plants, a Marini is simply unstoppable, we used to run it round-the-clock delivering top notch mix quality and production. The sheer design strength that one feels while on the plant, is quite motivating. It is built to last, and produces high quality mix, with out any hassels.

High Quality Asphalt, delivered green

With seven hot bins and an add on extra storage capacity of 180 Tons, the mix produced on the Marini is simply superb. The accuracy and mix design delivered by the plant is astonishing, states Sathish Kumar the team leader at the project. This Marini is supplied with anti rut feature and the standard Marini anti ageing systems. Savings in bitumen consumption and fuel consumptions, along with waste heat recovery and a highly efficient combustion system on the Marini delivers mix which is the greenest in the Industry.

IMG_1586_resultSanjay Londhe – CEO ,discussing the energy modules on the Marini.

The technology available on Ashoka’s Marini are the first of its kind in Eastern India. It is not just producing high quality asphalt, but conserving the ecology, which is equally important. The Ashoka’s Marini would annually save carbon emissions equivalent to 16000 trees.

Ashoka further extended its energy savings in mix production by opting for a high capacity energy conserving storage silo. Green is not just a nice colour, but greener the mix the greener your finances.