Chetak Reincarnates

The Marwari breed of horses are well known since centuries for their powerful, well proportioned body, compact and elegant with round rumps, muscular thighs and shoulders, making it a good all round pleasure horse.

marwari-horses-41Strong Marwari Horse

His natural tendency to perform makes him particularly suitable for dressage. He is a tough, brave and an undeniably beautiful horse with proven ability to adapt and thrive in India’s most challenging environmental conditions.

Known for its loyalty, faithfulness and fearlessness the Chetak, ( a Marwari breed) is the historical pride of Marwar and has an unmatched inspirational saga.

Today, in Marwar, we witness a different horse – a workhorse this time, reincarnated as the Chetak. A horse which unlike the Chetak, is not carrying just a single rider, but is building a green, productive and profitable road for all of us to cruise. While displaying amazing productivity, toughness and resolve, typical of the Marwari breed – the Marini MAC.

36 000 tons in 165 hours

The Marini recently commissioned at the Sikar – Ringus road project has just completed 25 working days (as on April 30, 2013). The Marini rated at 200 Tph, started bang-on with 180-190 Tph production and presently is clocking some records beyond its rated capacity, very consistently.

In less than 25 days, translating to 165 operating hours, this Marini has produced around 36 000 Tons of quality hot mix asphalt.

Powerful yet quick

This Marini site, is not a conventional asphalt production site. We have here one of the most advanced systems for asphalt production in India.

Two trucks being simultaneously loaded

It’s a high capacity plant, with features like Eight x 18 cbm Cold Feeders, a Hot mix storage silo with automatic winch system to store up to 200 Tons of hot mix, Dual filler supply silo, Liquid metering system, 250 Tons of asphalt storage capacity, with modified bitumen handling units, Eco-Low energy production systems, Recycling systems to handle up to 35 % and above etc.. Complex it does sound and it is, however commissioning the Marini was quite short, proving that good site management and a modular plant with easy set up design is a very good choice for a quick start up.

Galloping Stride

It was a matter of pride and great exhilaration at the GRILs project site, since the plant outperformed its own ratings even in the initial month of production. Normally we expect the productivity to slowly rise up, however with this Marini it was a pleasant surprise.

GR-Marini-hot-mix-plantA proud Mahendra Agrawal with his MARINI

We were caught off-guard, when we realized that the machine could be pushed even beyond its limits with such ease, states the Project Head at GRIL. We literally had to gear up our equipment and transport vehicles, when the Marini started to deliver.

Today, 2000 tons of mix is a regular job with great ease.

The GRIL Marini is rated at 200 Tph but soon they realized that the plant was able to run over 200 Tph continuously without any glitches. The hot mix silo and RAP processing further extended the production capacity of the plant. We operate the plant with great ease up to 220 Tph, states the plant operator.

Delivering Promises & Not excuses

In our experience, till date with asphalt plants, we could never attain the rated capacities. So we are used to always oversize the plants to get a desired output. With a Marini we were promised that it always delivers what it is rated, however we were skeptical, since this was our first experience with a Marini. To our surprise we found the Marini delivers with great ease, its rated capacity – It delivers what it promises without any excuses, states the operations head at the jobsite.

Acclimatized thorough-breed

Each Marini is acclimatized to the Indian climatic conditions, we do not send the same product every where in the world. Immense knowledge of local site conditions makes us the Industry leader, adds Mr. Varghese.

Chetak-reincarnates-Marini-2lsTough, Productive & Profitable : Marini MAC

Asphalt plants are process equipment and need to be designed to local conditions to deliver results and consistent quality. In India, especially in Rajasthan we have a very high quantity of dust in the cold feed. For each 1000 tons of hot mix produced, we can very easily collect excess filler of over 120-150 tons. This extremely fine filler easily can reduce production capacities up to 30 %. However, since the Marini is acclimatized, we have absolutely no compromise on the production capacity. He further adds.

Ready for the Future Leap

Each ton of hot mix delivered by the Marini, with its 6+1 gradation sizing capability and multiple dedicated filler sorting system, conforms to very high quality.

The RAP mixes produced using the proprietary Marini RAP system ensures savings & sustainability, without any compromise on mix quality.

We are eager to start Warm mix production, which will be the next leap in to the future, states Blesson Varghese MD Marini India.