“Realiability” the Most Important Word in Road Construction

“Marini Plants are very reliable, they so faithfully perform, year after year”

During a recent conference where India’s leading contractors had attended, every contractor in the room, was pleasantly surprised on the confidence of Marini Asphalt plant users. The conference primarily focussed on discussing performance, productivity and profitability with the Marini technology, witnessed some veryinteresting Q&A.

Once technology was presented, obviously most of the contractors wanted to know, what the technology could really deliver to the client? The answers, however were not provided by Marini, since they didn’t experience the exact data’s unlike the real end-users. However, each response from Marini users substantiated Marini claims.

One comment which was unequivocally heard was “Marini Plants are very reliable, they so faithfully perform, year after year”. This is very well substantiated by Marini Service Managers, who confirm “We struggle to have our service incomes generated”. Our services are the most economical in the Industry and the most reliable. We offer complete range of services and support for our clients.

Reliability, takes pressure off.

“With a Marini one can sail out confidently when faced with difficult times”

Each project site, faces a range of challenges and every site is quite unique. There are always surprise elements during the project tenure, which are normally difficult to foresee. This adds quite a bit of pressure and the machine’s need to deliver when required. Having a highly reliable machine like a Marini, is a sure way to ensure, one can sail out confidently, when faced with difficult times.

During March 2013, L&T’s Marini’s were working 24/7 to finish project targets. After long hours of work, a reliable plant get us a peaceful sleep and be ready for more the next day, confirms L&T’s project head.

Reliability, ensures bottom-lines.

Reliability is absolutely crucial. RAMKY purchased their set of Marini’s in full cognisance of the fact, that it is smart to invest based on the life cycle costs. G M Rao, heading the machinery division at Ramky, confirms, Marini plants have recorded the highest fuel efficiency in their fleet. In terms of reliability, of the around 600 000 tons produced on their Marini’s, Ramky never had a breakdown. Each breakdown on the plant, could effect the bottom lines of any company, terribly. Associated to each plant, are equipment which are worth many times over. The delays and losses in projects just cannot be accepted, in an absolutely competitive world.

Reliability, goes a long way.

“We ve produced over 4000 tons of mix in a single day and the Marini so consistently performs”

Project pressures demand a very high rate of production. Often at times, less reliable plants, begin to compromise on the quality of the mixes. Only when pushed to the limits, one begins to realise the limitations of controls and systems. However on the Marini, its a different story. Rao, further adds, we’ve produced at times up to 4000 tons of mix in a single day and the Marini, just so consistently performs. Price is often forgotten but quality is always remembered. Marini’s rut free mixes have helped contractors benefit greatly from the performance of their assets long after the mix has been laid. Various road stretches in India, are well known.

Reliability, lets you focus.

“With a Marini one focusses on more important business, than fire fighting”

DCPL, purchased their first Marini for just one reason – reliability. Mr. Padheria, had been to various sites, before finalising his Marini. “Fuel efficiency and Reliability were two reasons, I chose Marini”. Since his decision for Marini, he hardly has been to the job sites. The plant has almost completed its project tenure, with absolutely no breakdowns. With Marini one focusses on more important business – to get more, than fire fighting. DCPL recently also was awarded for the highest fuel efficient & greenest mix produced in India.

Reliability, has no other solution.

“We can buy a plant anywhere, but we can’t buy Marini reliability and performance”

KMC, was one of the pioneers to have installed their Marini’s in India. Today the company vouches on the reliability & performance of the Marini’s. Over a decade in use, and with over 1.3 million tons later, the Marini’s continue to be the favourite with KMC. There is no alternative, KMC recently installed two more Marini’s for their recent projects. We can buy a plant anywhere – but we can’t buy that kind of reliability & performance. At their recent project, KMC has produced close to 400 000 tons, without any breakdowns.