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Game Changer – India’s most addressed

MariniMarini is presently installing one of the most advanced Asphalt mixing plants in the state of Rajasthan. The plant rated to deliver up to 230 tph is built to deliver some of the most advanced and high quality mix recipes.

The plant once commissioned will incorporate high rate of recycling using the Marini proprietary system for RAP with absolute control over RAP properties and emission levels. The plant is scheduled to create some fantastic records for energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Another feature on the plant, which will help the contractor churn profits, is the smart storage solution. The plant has four different loading points, can mix up to four different mixes and load them simultaneously. This feature helps exploit batch-mixing technology to the fullest.

India’s most advanced Marini Asphalt plant to be set up in Rajasthan

We are very excited for this project; the plant has over eight feed bins and is the game changer in India. We are looking forward to exploit the seven hot bin available on the plant to produce the finest quality of mix, say an excited Soundarraj, who heads the project implementation. We have installed several plants, even bigger capacities than this one, however the options and features on this plant are simply first of its kind in India, he further states.

Our plants are known to produce Rut-free mixes, thanks to the SSR feature enabled technology. Rajasthan is a state where we have demonstrated this very well. On the Pink city express way, the stretch laid with mix produced on the Marini plants are absolutely rut-free, a drive on this stretch proves our point. No re-laying, no rut and savings on production costs.

This plant will be capable of producing performance mixes with multiple liquid additives, ensuring a higher return on investments thanks to the durable roads. The plant is also supplied aiming production of Warm mix and low energy mixes in the future.

The plant is a strategic investment for the customer. In a highly competitive scenario with very tight margins, technology offered by Marini ensures that customer plugs the losses and ensures the bottom-lines are maintained, adds Blesson Varghese Director – Marini India.