Confindustria Prize “EXCELSA 2012”

MARINI have recently been awarded the Excelsa2012 prize for their increase in steady employment and their continual training schemes.

“These are two distinct but related aspects”, explains Managing Director, Franco Zanoletti. “On one hand there’s the need to introduce human resources into the company with specific qualifications, highly oriented towards core business: difficult times can be overcome only with heavy injections of innovation and competitiveness. The alternative would be a low cost product, which is not part of our philosophy.

Our work organization allows us to cope with fluctuations in demand, given that our market is highly variable when viewed on an annual basis. We are equipped with permanent structures with a high level of technical competency, and then we manage the high and low peaks by resorting to an interim workforce, through special agreements with the Trade Unions, to face the phenomenon of rising and falling demand, while still keeping up our excellent standards.

To a permanent workforce of 380 people, we add 90 temporary workers at peak production periods, of which we then take on at least 10 every year. In this way, we have lowered the average age of our workers nowadays to around 33 years old.

Training is fundamental: to improve our competitiveness we need to use adequate resources to face today’s competition. In addition to technical issues regarding our core business, we also pay attention to aspects of language and basic techniques: just by explaining to our employees certain basic economic parameters, we can increase awareness and avoid waste”.

Prize Award MARINI

Of the 380 workers, almost 10% is based in the R and D department working on machinery and asphalt plants. “Ours is quite a mature market, with little scope for great inventions, but there’s no doubt we can make innovations on the engineering of our machinery, to make it increasingly simple to use and easier to assemble”.

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