No other company or group is awarded more prizes by international juries in our field. Roads. Be they French, Italian or German, FAYAT Group companies dedicated to road building equipment have earned 7 awards, and are at the forefront of the technologies that many contractors and project managers are looking for in Europe.

INTERMAT is a forum for evaluating the latest trends in innovation in the roads sector. For the latest exhibition, INTERMAT 2012, the group’s main axes for innovation were Ergonomics, Ecology, and Intelligent technologies. SECMAIR, part of FAYAT group, was awarded a silver medal for the “SWIFT”. SWIFT has threefold objectives: the durability of pothole filling, the enhancement of manual work done by the operators and the battle against musculoskeletal traumas.


The success of innovations in measured over the long term. Whether they are new technologies or new products, there has to be a correspondence between supply and demand. FAYAT’s Road Building Equipment Division is well-known for its innovations, with several products originating from our companies now synonymous with their processes. As a result, the Group has won many awards in France, Germany and other foreign countries. With this latest acknowledgment at INTERMAT 2012, FAYAT group has acquired a total of seven awards from the same forum for it’s innovative technologies.

Ergonomics: 90% of persons working in the road-building industry are journeyman and technicians or lower management, vulnerable to occupational illnesses primarily caused by muscular problems. Ergonomics are the key to company’s societal concerns. They are a primary axis of development for FAYAT.


Ecology: The two states of the Grenelle de l’Environnement are the markers for our development and our business needs: recycling, saving energy, reducing our carbon footprint. The decision-making processes are a priority and not just a secondary concern. The Road Building Equipment Division adepts its services to local demands.

Intelligent Technologies: The integration of electronics and decision support systems in the field of compaction has radically altered control techniques and has opened the door to what is known as intelligent compaction. BOMAG anticipated such developments with the VARIOCONTROL and the ASPHALT MANAGER, particularly through the Evib parameter. When correlated with plate bearing tests, Evib is a powerful analysis tool t quantify the progress made.

Numerous world Premiers

  • Road-building macines: the BM 600/15 cold milling machine, the new range of tandem rollers in the 4-5 tonne class with integrated measurement systems, and the BCM system for networking tandem rollers “online”
  • Maintenance materials: the SWIFT pothhole filler, the CHIPSEALER 360 integrated chip spreader and the sprayer
  • asphalt plants: the COMPACT continuous mixing plant

Innovation Awards INTERMAT 2012

This year, in the innovations nominated for awards, a total of 4 technologies were from FAYAT Group.

  1. The SWIFT SECMAIR pothole filler
  2. The BOMAG BM 600/15 cold milling machine, ergonomic and urban
  3. The ERMONT COMPACT multifunctional continuous mix asphalt plant.
  4. The TILTEX swivelling clamp, developed by PTC