Gujarat Gets its Green Plant


DCPL’s first Marini asphalt plant in Gujarat, proves Marini to be the right choice for very future focused entrant in the asphalt mixing business.

Digvijay Construction, a Gujarat based road construction firm is seeing the benefit of the investment in its asphalt production facility at Vataman, close to Ahmedabad. The plant since it’s commissioning is poised to set new benchmarks in production and efficiency in Gujarat.

The MARINI MAC’s compact features are highly evident in the innovative layout of the asphalt plant. The self standing asphalt mixing plant, is one of the most energy efficient and environment friendly plants to be installed recently in Gujarat. The RAP enabled features on the plant will allow DCPL to mix recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) along with fresh material to deliver a wide range of output grades. Once installed, this is will be one of the first plants in Gujarat capable of using RAP, this strategic development will further help the company to pursue its policy of boosting recycling and lowering its carbon footprint.

DCPL, although has been involved in road construction, is however installing a high production batch plant for the first time. According to the DCPL’s P&M Head, Samir Mansuri, our decision to go with a MARINI MAC, was a very well thought and strategic investment. Having travelled pan india and visited numerous mixing plants of various suppliers we found out that the MARINI MAC had absolutely no comparison. It’s a feature rich and future ready asphalt plant, very critical for a mid size company like ours entering in to the fray and wanting to be on the long haul.

Being a new entrant in to the large mix production market, for DCPL any sophistication didn’t matter unless it delivered low production costs. We were assured about this by MARINI, however on site, the results we must admit are fantastic, they meet more than our expectations and Marini’s commitment, says Mr. Digvijay Padheria.

Unlike many large sized contractors in the field, who have been owning Marini plants. An Investment of such a size for us meant each rupee had to be justified and so Mr. Digvijay himself was involved in the investment decision. He along with Mr. Digvijay in order to have first hand reports on the equipment, looked at various suppliers but opted for the MARINI system because the up-to-date equipment, future ready features and a very low operating costs with a reliable support package that very well met the company’s anticipated needs.

Being a new entrant in to the large mix production market, for DCPL any sophistication didn’t matter unless it delivered low production costs. We were assured about this by MARINI, however on site, the results we must admit are fantastic, they meet more than our expectations and Marini’s commitment, says Mr. Digvijay Padheria.

There were other important purchase points and Digvijay said, “It has one of the most comprehensive energy saving features.” He explained that anyone looking to lead today, must not ignore the energy requirements in asphalt production. The Marini plant is has superb energy saving features and waste heat recovery systems. This allows substantial heat recovery allowing major savings in fuel. This is a major issue given the fast climbing fuel costs. The smartly engineered design vastly lowers fuel consumption through the efficient, multi fuel -fired burner when producing asphalt.

Production rates are very crucial for operations and for meeting bottom lines. Since the time we commissioned the plant, the 200 Tph plant easily delivers above 200 Tph and has delivered production rates between 220-240 tph at times, when we needed it. We are gladly surprised by the MAC’s production ability, says a very happy Mohit Padheria, who heads the project operations at DCPL’s site. The plant has absolutely no bottlenecks, it performs fantastically even with the high filler content, that is very common in Gujarat.

The Marini’s 91 % efficient bitumen heating system further ensures savings for DCPL. Annually just a 5 % higher efficiency translates to a savings of around 1.2 Million rupees and tons of carbon. However Marini’s bitumen heating and storage systems delivers atleast 15 % higher efficiency compared to traditional systems used on hot mix asphalt plants.

With profitability being a target for any business, a highly efficient plant, with low production cost and high output makes clear sound financial sense. With proven results and figures to substantiate we are confident that other construction firms will soon to adopt to Marini technology & services. Blesson Varghese MD Marini India

The plant’s precision vario-screen technology delivers top notch control during mix production. The dedicated system for finer aggregates screening and handling ensures top notch quality and absolutely no bottlenecks during production.

We’ve realized that it doesn’t need a lot of people to operate and the Marini trained technicians perfectly run the operations with ease and are always eager to push the production to the limits. The design of the plant with sufficiently large bins sizes and hot screened aggregates stock, helps cope with all the usual fluctuations at the site.

DCPL didn’t opt for a smaller 20/25 T hot mix storage buffer silo since the plant had a large 77 tonne hot aggregates storage bin already. This feature on the plant is very crucial to meet production demands and productivity. It is very commonly observed that a smaller hot aggregates bin always creates bottlenecks during production, delivers fluctuations in mix gradation and spoils the mix quality and consistency. A professional production oriented plant must have sufficient aggregates stock to ensure high out put and uncompromised mix, says Mr. Soundaraj Marini’s project leader, who installed the plant at DCPL.

Looking in to the growth area’s, DCPL has already planned to install a 120Cbm hot mix storage silo in order to meet the anticipated demands from new projects in the area. The best part of the Marini’s future readiness is reflected here, the plant is already ready with systems to incorporate this add on, snap-on.

Contractors in the Industry are happy if they produce an average 1800-2000 tons a day. But the reason we choose Marini, is because with it we easily produce 1800 tons in just 8 hours of operations and that’s the Marini difference, adds a smiling Digvijay. The productivity of the plant reduces numerous operating hours of the entire fleet of road building equipment from the captive power generating set to the paver finishers, rollers and dump trucks. Getting it done quick and professionally makes the staff happier too, since they get enough time for maintenance and up keep.

With the Marini’s future readiness, DCPL will be able to handle numerous sites from their single asphalt plant facility. The company is confident to produce up to 3000 tons a day with ease and is gearing up for some big action this season. This well thought investment makes DCPL ready for RAP processing, Low carbon mixes and futuristic mixes, which not only are environment friendly but can make a substantial boost to the bottom line. The new Marini MAC, will help DCPL face market challenges with confidence and pave a smooth highway to the future.