MARINI’s new flagship presented at Intermat

The FAYAT Group unveils the fruit of its investments in developing and optimising its range of TOP TOWER batch mix asphalt plants.
The Top Tower 3000 (up to 200 T/h) and Top Tower 4000 (up to 280-300 T/h) plants have already set new standards for quality and reliability worldwide and have managed to convince the most demanding road builders while maintaining a competitive price.
With the new Top Tower 3000 P (240 T/h), MARINI has now broadened its range of latest-generation asphalt plants and can now meet all of the 200 to 300 T/h market’s needs.

To ensure a production rate of 240 T/h in the most unfavourable conditions, it was decided to use the drying-filtering tower of the Top Tower 4000 plant. This consists of an upgraded 940 m² bag filter and a 10 m long dryer drum with a diameter of 2.50 m, equipped with a 19 MW burner and a recycling ring capable of achieving a recycling rate of up to 35%.
The main innovation on the plant concerns the upper part of the mixing tower and the screen in particular.

Our R & D Office sought to upgrade the screen and maximise the screening area (38 m² of total screening capacity and 6.6 m² for the sand screen), while keeping the dimensions down to a minimum. In addition, in response to our customers’ maintenance requirements, our engineers have widened and optimised the screen access hatches for quick and easy access to the different meshes, thus facilitating maintenance operations.

More specifically, the entrance hatches on the hot-mix elevator side have been integrated into the by-pass compartment for direct access to the springs responsible for keeping the meshes constantly taut. From the side opposite the elevator, the hatches can be manoeuvred easily via actuators, giving easy access to the meshes and thus offering one of the most efficient solutions on the market in terms of ergonomics and safety.

Furthermore, the aggregate and filler weighing hoppers have been redesigned and enlarged, mainly in response to the requirements of customers producing special asphalt mixes containing high levels of filler.

In order to optimise the flexibility of the operating site, two types of configurations for under-mixer asphalt storage silos are proposed. The first configuration consists of a single loading line, which is the ideal solution for users wishing to position a truck weigh-bridge under the mix storage facility. The alternative is to position the storage silos on several loading lines, which allows several trucks to be positioned under different compartments and thus speeds up asphalt loading operations.

All models in the Top Tower range are, of course, capable of integrating the most recent technological developments in terms of recycling solutions (recycling ring, direct introduction into the mixer, combined ring and mixer solution, parallel drum), and also for warm-mix asphalt production (foam bitumen, solid and liquid additives, injection of wet sand, etc.)

Thanks to the determination of their teams, the FAYAT Group and MARINI can now offer a complete range of latest-generation batch mix asphalt plants, covering all outputs from 200 to 300 T/h.  The TOP TOWER 3000 P sees the birth of a plant intended for an increasingly demanding clientele, prioritising quality and reliability and for which energy savings and the ecological footprint are key issues.