World Record Encore

Ramky produces 4000 tons of high quality and environment friendly asphalt mix in less than 21 hours on their Marini MAC 200 asphalt plant, creating a world record in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Profitable production technology available to professional Indian contractors

yrThe decision to invest in Marini plants was very strategic; we wanted to graduate to the next level. With Marini we found the right technical partner and products which could help us achieve our focus on sustainable development. – Y R Nagaraja, MD

On 16 December 2011, the Marini MAC 200, plant installed at Ramky’s NAM project site produced over 4000 tons of high quality asphalt mix in little less than 21 hours, creating a historical landmark and re writing its own historical benchmarks. The MAC 200 plants have clocked around 3000 tons several times at numerous job sites pan India, however 4000 plus tons of asphalt on a single day, is the new industry benchmark. When Ramky began work on the 212 Km long Narkatpali – Addaniki- Medarametla road project, they simply didn’t want to construct a highway. Mr. Y Nagaraja MD, Ramky, wanted the project to be a model for sustainable development. The sheer size of the project called for a continuous production of asphalt in large quantities and high quality. Commitment to sustainable development and focus on leadership in the infrastructure development industry, were the key drivers behind Ramky installing Marini plants on this project.

World record, very routine

chtrld-2Friendly Marini engineers and technical experts are just a call away. With remote assistance technology, our engineers have the complete access to your asphalt plant and can monitor each value on the plant controls, irrespective of how remote your project site is located.

On 16 Dec 2011, by the time the villages on the stretch woke up, Ramky’s team had already laid 600 tons of asphalt mix. It was just a normal production day for us at the site, states Srikanth, at the helm of plant production. Marini plants are designed to perform. The plant works very smoothly and loves to be revved up to its capacity. Everyday we run at its full capacity, with great ease, he further adds. By the time the plant was shut down, the team had already laid over 4000 tons of hot mix asphalt. Little did they realize that, they had set a world record with the Marini plant. Marini plants are an absolutely delight to work on, the site team confesses. Information is the key to control and with all critical information available just a blink away, operators and production supervisors can function more efficiently in an incident free environment.

Remote Assistance – a standard on Marini

You rely on Marini plants and desire to have it working non-stop. Each of our latest plants are supplied with remote assistance, so that you have instant access to expertise and that you do not have to wait for troubleshooting. Instant access and troubleshooting on your plant guarantees, you stay constantly focused on your business.

Quick tips, instant trouble shooting and access to process control information ensures you have complete peace of mind.

Track records, very evident

mohantiWe selected Marini plants for their exceptional profitability and carbon friendliness. The amazing user friendliness and reliability of Marini remote assistance gives us even great confidence and peace of mind – we know that are never far from Marini’s support anytime we need it – Mr S Mohanty CEO

Marini is committed to deliver productivity and profitability to our customers. Ramky decided to invest in a Marini plant, as they wanted to graduate to the next level. Now with the efficiency, productivity and uptime achieved on the Marini plants, they surely have carved a niche and have launched themselves ahead of the pack in terms of Fuel Savings, Environmental friendliness, Green Technology and Sustainable development. The numbers are very evident and savings a reality.

Designed, very tough & very intuitively

Marini plants are acclimatized to Indian operating conditions. This explains the reason for its amazing performance and productivity. Years of Indian site experience and knowledge are built in to Marini products. The plant has intuitive design features like the perfectly sized bag house filter and dryer, tuned to perform even under high dust content in the cold aggregates.

The Marini dryer and filtering system is intuitively designed to ensure that dust take off is reduced drastically, thereby a Marini user never faces troubles with blocking of bag house filters and resulting low fuel efficiency.

Indian sites have issues with gradation and at times quality of aggregates, these situations are handled well by the patented Marini dryer drum and a very reliable screening unit.

Productivity & Profitability

Round the clock – very easy

The reason we are able to operate the plant so stress free is due to its reliability, performance and ease in operations – states Sathish Kumar, Senior Support Manager on Ramky’s NAM project. Round the clock operations are very easy, the highly reliable control system, automatic process controls, and ease in operations keep the plant operators devoid of any stress and extended working hours are always a pleasure, he further adds.

Very productive, very profitable

Blesson-Varghese5It is no surprise for us at Marini, MAC plants are designed to set records. We celebrate with our customers as they begin to experience that our products deliver more than promised and as they benefit greatly from the reliability, exceptional efficiency, productivity and performance. Blesson Varghese MD Marini India

In an age of tough competition where every dime matters, Productivity is no secret for profitability. It is needless to mention that productivity can never be achieved without reliability. By producing 4000 tons of asphalt flat out on the MARINI plant, Ramky could cut nearly 20 % or even more of carbon emission compared to piece meal production on lesser efficient and lower reliable plants. These reductions in carbon footprints, are directly linked to the profits.

Marini plants have been clocking exceptional fuel efficiency and once again on the Ramky project they proved to be unbeatable.

Benefit from a world leader

Being present at each level of road construction activity has given us unique perspective and comprehensive understanding of the road building activity. As a world leader we shoulder a great responsibility in defining the course and nature of the asphalt road construction industry. Our investment into critical research is clearly visible in the astounding track record of brining out some of industry’s finest and highly acclaimed technologies.