Navayuga creates world record on Marini plants.


2800 tons of high quality asphalt produced in a single day by the marini asphalt plant at Navayuga’s Nizamabad project, has created history in the Indian asphalt road building industry.

Navayuga created history by installing their firs Marini MAC series of asphalt plant- India’s greenest asphalt plant. Over the past working season, Navayuga has produced the greenest asphalt mix recorded in Indian history. In terms of carbon footprint for hot mix production.


Navayuga has made a record 200 000 tons of mix with the lowest carbon footprint in India. “Green doesn’t mean only efficiency and low environmental impact. Green is also the color of money. It is impossible to be profitable without being green” states Blesson Varghese -MD Marini India.

18 March 2011, dawned like just another normal day at Navayuga Engineering Company’s Jakranapally project site. The excited project team was waiting for the sun to light up the road, while the Marini MAC plant after a previous production shift was already raring to take up the next production assignment. At 0600 hrs, the operator clicked the production hungry Marini plant and the Navayuga team was soon en-route re-writing history in the Indian road building industry.

During the entire day’s production, the shift changed, operators took a break, loader, pavers and rollers were refuelled however the plant effortlessly kept producing high quality asphalt. The 200 Tph Marini plant was consistently clocking between 200-220 Tph production rate. At 2300 hrs the project team, finally decided to click the end of mix production.

The Marini MAC 200, is offered as a 200 Tph asphalt plant in the market, however the thoughtful design assumptions from Marini ensures the plant never encounters production bottlenecks. We do not offer a standard fit-to-all product. Marini’s research and experience of over a decade in to Indian site conditions could pin point various production challenges that Indian road contractors encounter during mix production. We have homogenized the drying and filtering process along with the fines metering and gradation controls of the MAC before offering it to the Indian construction professionals states Guy Marconnet Marini’s VP – Technical

blesson“Green doesn’t mean only efficiency and low environmental impact. Green is also the color of money. It is impossible to be profitable without being green.” States Blesson Varghese(MD, Marini India)

The success of Marini plants in India, is purely based on the intuitive design incorporated in to the plant at each level. Marini has the widest experience and knowledge, having worked on some of the most prestigious & challenging road building projects ever done in India, together with the industry’s finest professionals from companies like Larsen & Tubro & KMC to name a few. There is no secret to the success of Marini plants, it is simply a combination of understanding our customer’s challenges and top notch design expertise Mr Blesson Varghese further adds.

Navayuga’s Marini plant clocked 14 hours and 10 minutes to produce 2800 tons. We feel laying 2800 tons is not a big challenge, it calls for proper planning and clear operational foresight. Our laying team and professional equipment therefor felt no strain while clocking this record. Our plant operators aren’t rocket scientists either, they follow simple procedures taught to them by Marini engineers and the Marini plant just performs states and elated Gangaraju – Plant Incharge.

The record could have been higher if the plant didn’t have to wait for trucks. This explains the advantage of an average sized hot mix storage silo. We could also have even stretched higher our higher fuel savings states Sathish Kumar, Marini’s lead customer support engineer.


There is much truth in the words of Mr, Gangaraju, as just a few weeks prior to this event, Navayuga’s first Marini Plant performed a similar record.

Marini plant have produced over 2800 tons a day in India, however they were produce with larger plants. Larsen and Turbo clocked some amazing records at the Delhi International Airport Project. However Navayuga’s record was the highest capacity. Recorded world wide on a 200 Tph Marini asphalt plant. What makes it a feat worthy to applaud is that Navayuga achieved these records not on a pure greenfield project but on a widening and relaying road project. The record is praise worthy especially when the numbers aren’t just the number of tons, but also the volume of fuel saved, carbon footprint reduction and in turn cash counters ringing.