Marini a favorite – Trans Generations

Krishna Mohan Constructions or KMC as popularly known, is one of the foremost and highly respectable name in the road building industry in India. The company has inspired numerous entrepreneurs, who lead the Indian road building industry today.

pruthvi-reddy It is a superb product, there is absolutely no doubt about it, we simply love it. Our Marini plants have worked trans India and have performed with great reliability and amazingly low operating costs, delivering consistently high mix quality and efficiency.” – Mr. Pruthvi Reddy Director KMC Limited

From a humble beginning around four decades back, by its founder, today the company is led by its new generation management team. The emergence of the company inspite of the turbulent years of global crisis is an indicator of its dynamism and strength. Unlike other large construction companies who have diversified into several sectors, KMC is focused on one thing – Roads. The sharp focus on sustainable road construction, undoubtedly also renders them as the King of Motorway Construction (read KMC) in India.

Through the change of baton in the management, one thing remains constant, their love and passion for Marini. When Mr. Raja Mohan Reddy, invested in a Marini asphalt plant a over more than a decade back, it was the largest asphalt plant to be installed in India. It was not a single purchase, but a repeat order was placed immediately after the first one, indicating that the move was well thought. Industry pundits were dumbfounded some even mocked. Not everyone did understand profitability from High Productivity, High Uptime and Low operating costs, then. But surely KMC’s founder chairman knew he was looking beyond the normal and was making the right investment, reflecting his unbeatable visionary perspective. Now, almost a million tons later on each of their Marini plants, Mr. Pruthvi Reddy – Director KMC, still vouches for the plants performance, high quality mix production and efficiency

Mr-Varghese_1“KMC’s focus on sustainable development, deep concern for environment, insight in to carbon footprints, high content recycling and futuristic mix production was astounding. We knew we had the right product, the Marini MAC, which could easily satisfy KMC’s new requirements, says Blesson Varghese Marini’s National Director”

For him to admit this, a million tons later on each of his plants is a fact that speaks volumes. Marini hasn’t remained a favorite with the Visionary Raja Mohan Reddy, but when Pruthvi & Goutham Reddy, had to make a decision for a new asphalt plant, they thought nothing else but Marini.
Unlike the founder Mr Raj Mohan Reddy, Mr. Pruthvi Reddy did not choose just a standard top end product, but a future ready product – the Marini MAC. It sure is an indication of the company’s focus and commitment to the sector getting deeper. We have been known for successfully completing several projects in India, including multiple projects in India’s most environmentally sensitive area – Kerala, thanks to the Marini plants, adds Mr Pruthvi Redy.
Focus on sustainable development, deep concern for environment, insight in to carbon footprints, high content recycling and futuristic mix production is sure to guarantee KMC’s winning stride to conquer new territories and continue to be the King of Motorway Constructions in India.