Ramky sharpens focus on Sustainable Development with MARINI plants

Ramky Infrastructure is known for their focus on Sustainable Development. Ramky today is a major player in the road building industry, selecting Marini plants for their projects pan India, further reiterates their focus on sustainable development.

d3-18-of-111“Our company is focused on sustainable development and we found in FayatGroup the right partner”.
The recent addition of Green asphalt plants from MARINI have further fortified Ramky’s image in terms of a green company. Y Nagaraja – MD Ramky Infrastructure

As leaders we must grow and grow responsibly, is what Mr. Y D Nagaraja – Managing Director Ramky Infrastructure firmly believes.

Like major global professionals Ramky Group understands that sustainable development does not only secure our future but also ensures profitability in the present. High Fuel Efficiency, Top notch reliability and Performance were the main reasons why Ramky opted for Marini asphalt plants for each of their crucial road projects.

d1a-20-of-72The plant is capable of producing futuristic and low carbon emitting mixes; recycled asphalt mixes with up to 35 % of Recycled Asphalt Pavements with traditional specification mixes. The plant features dual storage facilities to stock reclaimed filler. This feature was particularly important for Ramky, as they didn’t want to have a plant with a top-notch bag filter but then have dust fly all over and around the asphalt plant.

Describing the process of selection of the plant Mr.Mahendra Kumar – VP SCM, during a meeting with the Marini team stated “We wanted to graduate and keep our leadership position in the market. India’s road construction industry is quite dynamic and the standards are ever-raising. Strategic investment into a right and crucial tool like the asphalt plant is therefore a must. We have realized that it is impossible to be profitable without being efficient and green. MARINI MAC featured several energy efficient features and carbon saving technology that we were convinced about the plant being the right tool to keep up with the vision of our company”

The MAC range of plants from Marini have a proven track record of carbon friendly operations and very high efficiency. Ramky will be able to reduce atleast by 15-20 % their carbon footprints related to mix production, by using Marini plants. This will go a long way to help bolster Ramky’s image as the leaders in Sustainable Development.

The new range of Marini plants installed by Ramky, will help Ramky produce more futuristic mixes and environment friendly mixes like Warm Mixes, Low energy mixes, Recycled Asphalt Mixes, to further reduce the impact on the environment.