KMC – decides to continue a decade long partnership

When KMC ordered two MAP 175’s more than a decade earlier, it shocked the industry professionals, as these plants were too large. However KMC proved their point by producing over 1.5 million tons of asphalt during the past decade with these plants.

These plants have completed several road projects and have been relocated numerous times. KMC’s Dynamic Director Mr. Pruthvi Reddy, states that MARINI plants have delivered them unhindered production and very high satisfaction. He boasts about the plants fuel efficiency and high productivity.  One of the plant is presently installed on the Pink City Expressway project and the second plant is installed in the highly environmentally conscious state of Kerala, where KMC, thanks to their impressive performance have been awarded two project extensions.

The partnership saga, hasn’t ended with these two plants, KMC has yet decided to install another MARINI plant for their prestigious 183 Km road project in Andhra Pradesh. The plant is already delivered, and is expected to start commercial production by February 2011.