L&T achieves Record Production in India

The recently opened Terminal 3 at the New Delhi International Airport boasts of its Runway # 3, the longest in Asia, capable of accommodating an Airbus 380. During the first phase L&T, had a challenge to produce over 650 000 Tons of asphalt in six months. The daring L&T unsurprisingly took up this challenge with two Marini MAP plants of 260 and 200 Tph capacity, the largest production capacity ever installed in India. L&T achieved this impressive target with over 100 000 Tons of mix being produced each month.


Top notch reliability and the ability to perform under demanding conditions have been the main reason for the asphalt plants to deliver when L&T required it the most. With the mega project already completed the plants have already being relocated to road projects in Gujarat & Tamil Nadu.
There is no stopping, Two 200 Tph Marini plants have also being employed to replicate the success story at the Mumbai International Airport Project.

When it comes to un-compromised mix quality, performance and reliability Marini asphalt plants have proved to be the favorite in India. Marini asphalt plants have being used to build most of the new age airports in India including International Airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad.