MARINI India : an ever growing market

MARINI accompanies road constructors and reinforces its presence in the sub-continent

Navayuga installs India’s Greenest Asphalt plant :

Navayuga engineering company, known as one of India’s finest structural engineering company, chose Marini MAC plants for their Armur – Adloor Yellareddy road project on the Nagpur – Hyderabad section. A PPP project executed by Navayuga on  DBFOT basis.

Commitment to build the nation’s infrastructure, with no compromise on the environment, was the key, to Navayuga’s decision, to procure a series of MARINI MAC’s, states Blesson Varghese Marini India’s National Director.

Navayuga clearly understands that to realize profitability the only route is sustainable construction and high productivity, adds Navayuga’s project team leader. The top management team at Navayuga were convinced, that it was imperative  to minimise plant running costs, which could be achieved only by high reliability & productivity. Moreover the project’s nature demanded that high performance and absolutely high quality mix.

The new generation of energy efficient asphalt plants from MARINI has been developed to meet customers’ demands for versatility, quality and environmentally-friendly requirements. The first MARINI MAC commissioned by a team of engineers from MARINI INDIA, plant produced around 1200 tons of high quality mix on day one and has now almost fulfilled its project demands. The plant will be ready to move in early 2011, to another project site.

Zero Civil foundations, modular designs, zero ducts and minimal interfaces, ensured that the plant was put in to operation in a very short time. The plant manager, confirms that the entire process is so user friendly, that we feel confident that our own team could move the plant and re-commission it at the new site.

To minimise energy consumption at all stages of the process, the MARINI MAC uses a combination of innovative design along with waste heat recovery system, to bring significant energy savings throughout. The high efficiency dryer & blue flame assisted burner design provide savings of over 20 %, compared with traditional designs of asphalt plants in India.

KMC – decides to continue a decade long partnership

When KMC ordered two MAP 175’s more than a decade earlier, it shocked the industry professionals, as these plants were too large. However KMC proved their point by producing over 1.5 million tons of asphalt during the past decade with these plants.

These plants have completed several road projects and have been relocated numerous times. KMC’s Dynamic Director Mr. Pruthvi Reddy, states that MARINI plants have delivered them unhindered production and very high satisfaction. He boasts about the plants fuel efficiency and high productivity.  One of the plant is presently installed on the Pink City Expressway project and the second plant is installed in the highly environmentally conscious state of Kerala, where KMC, thanks to their impressive performance have been awarded two project extensions.

The partnership saga, hasn’t ended with these two plants, KMC has yet decided to install another MARINI plant for their prestigious 183 Km road project in Andhra Pradesh. The plant already delivered is expected to start commercial production by February 2011.

L&T achieves Record Production in India

The recently opened Terminal 3 at the New Delhi International Airport boasts of its Runway # 3, the longest in Asia, capable of accommodating an Airbus 380. During the first phase L&T, had a challenge to produce over 650 000 Tons of asphalt in six months. The daring L&T unsurprisingly took up this challenge with two Marini MAP plants of 260 and 200 Tph capacity, the largest production capacity ever installed in India.  L&T achieved this impressive target with over 100 000 Tons of mix being produced each month.

Top notch reliability, ability to perform under demanding conditions have been the main reason for the asphalt plants to deliver when L&T required it the most.  With the mega project already completed the plants have already being relocated to road projects in Gujarat & Tamil Nadu.

There is no stopping, Two 200 Tph MARINI plants have also being employed to replicate the success story at the Mumbai International Airport Project.

When it comes to un-compromised mix quality, performance and reliability MARINI asphalt plants have proved to be the favorite in India. Marini asphalt plants have being used to build most of the new age airports in India including International Airports  in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

RAMKY finds the ideal partner.

RAMKY Infrastructure Ltd, one of India’s leading company focused on sustainable development will install MARINI plants on their large projects pan India. The first GREEN plant for RAMKY will be installed near Moradabad, around 100 miles from India’s capital city New Delhi. MARINI MAC series of asphalt plants were the ideal choice for our company, as it gels so well with our corporate focus on sustainable development  sates Mr. M Kumar – Head Supply Chain Management. Mr. Haribabu, the company’s Vice President says, we chose MARINI because our projects required high performance machines and top notch reliability, to ensure our progressive stride.

The  MAC delivered to RAMKY has been supplied with Multi fuel capabilities, RAP processing abilities and a host of other green features. With RAMKY and FAYAT Group, both focused on sustainable development, India is about to witness a great confluence of technology and commitment – delivering crucial infrastructure which is profitable and green.