KMC gears up for the Future with MARINI

KMC has carved a niche in the Indian road construction Industry. The company’s visionary founder Mr. Raja Mohan Reddy, invested in a Marini asphalt plant a over more than a decade back, then it was the largest asphalt plant to be installed in India.

d1a-4-of-72Recycling Ready:
High content recycling is not a new thing on Marini plants. Marini has supplied hundreds of plants worldwide and had patents for some of the most remarkable developments in asphalt recycling technology. KMC can now confidently process asphalt mixes with up to 45% of Recycled Asphalt Products.Low Energy Ready:
With the new Marini MAC, KMC will be able to produce low energy asphalts, produce modified non-conventional mixes, add liquid or solid asphalt mix enhancers and performance chemicals.High Efficiency:
The new MAC series of plants will deliver KMC higher fuel efficiency compared to their older Marini MAP series of plants. The plant is configured for multi fuel firing . KMC could even opt for Natural gas in future, if required. The Marini MAC delivers upto 20 % lower fuel consumption compared to other brands in the market. Guaranteeing not just profitability but also lower carbon footprints an equally important issue in today’s scenario.

Back then not everyone understood profitability from High Productivity, High Uptime and Low operating costs. Over a more than a decade later, figures confirm, that Mr. Raja Mohan Reddy ’s view point was way beyond the normal and the investment in to Marini plants reflected his unbeatable visionary perspective. Now, almost a million tons later on each of their Marini plants, Mr. Pruthvi Reddy – Director KMC, still vouches for the plants performance, high quality mix production and efficiency.

“We have tried a few brands, however Marini plants beat all of them in terms of production, fuel efficiency, reliability, performance and environment friendliness” states an elated Col. Masthaniah, KMC’s Key person in charge for Plant and Machinery

Mr. Pruthvi Reddy – Director KMC, still vouches for the plants performance, high quality mix production and efficiency. It is a superb product, there is absolutely no doubt about it, we simply love it, He smiling admits. These Marini plants have worked trans India, and have performed with great reliability and amazingly low operating costs, delivering consistently high mix quality and efficiency. For him to admit this, a million tons later on each of his plants is a fact that speaks volumes.

When KMC embarked upon the 188 km Curnool-Cuddapah road project in Andhra Pradesh. KMC thought of nothing else but Marini plants. There was a difference however this time, unlike the founder Mr Raja Mohan Reddy, Mr. Pruthvi Reddy did not choose just a standard top end product, but a future ready product – the Marini MAC. It sure is an indication of the company’s focus and commitment to the sector getting deeper. We have been known for successfully completing several projects in India, including multiple projects in India’s most environmentally sensitive area – Kerala, thanks to the Marini plants, adds Mr Pruthvi Redy. KMC’s focus on sustainable development, deep concern for environment, insight in to carbon footprints, high content recycling and futuristic mix production was astounding. We knew we had the right product, the Marini MAC, which could easily satisfy KMC’s new requirements, says Blesson Varghese Marini’s National Director.