TOP TOWER 4000: the evolution of MARINI Range

The first generation asphalt plant “TOP TOWER 3000” built with sustainable development in mind has been further implemented and improved resulting in a new model:  TOP TOWER 4000
Asphalt Plant Marini Top Tower 4000
In the last years MARINI and FAYAT Group have been focussing on developing innovative asphalt plant solutions and taking it to the top worldwide, keeping an eye on the technological-ecological issues (significantly reduced emissions to the atmosphere, low noise levels, low energy consumption, high rate of reclaimed material, …) and on the modular concept (easy transportation, rapid assembly and eventual subsequent disassembly, use of mobile steel foundations, etc…).

Besides that, it is very easy to move up – even at a later date – by fitting kits providing the most innovative technologies available on the market (warm mix asphalt, clear bitumen, liquid and solid additives, use of high content of reclaimed material, …).

The above features are behind the success of Top Tower 3000, which has been marketed for three years now and increasingly appreciated by the main contractors in the field.

Later on, FAYAT Group has decided to develop a new model, featuring all the innovations of its forerunner and also new improvements, that are now placing the Top Tower 4000 at the top in terms of quality and market demands.

Thus, Top Tower 4000 maintains the advantages of the drying-filtering unit. The decision to position the filter and the storage silo for the recovered fines directly over the dryer drum, not only reduces the footprint, it has also a very positive impact on the plant consumption of electricity thanks to the optimised flow of gases (shorter, partly insulated dryer-filter duct) and the recover of the heat energy radiating out from the drum.

In conclusion, the Top Tower innovative design leads to substantial savings, both in the consumption of electricity and fuel. Therefore, this plant contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and operate in complete accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The essential part of the Top Tower – the mixing unit – has been completely redesigned, starting from the screen which is provided with full cladding (for reduced noise levels and heat loss). Great efforts have been paid to facilitate screen mesh replacement and servicing; thanks to a new system – Marini patent – the screen meshes can be quickly dismantled and replaced and the access points are larger and more comfortable.

The access to hot bins as well as to ladder and catwalks (larger as provided by the new European standards – no vertical steps) is easier thus allowing to reach all servicing points from the cabin without stepping onto ground.

With a view to reduce noise levels and CO2 emissions, the mixing tower and the hot mix storage bin, including the travelling skip, have been designed to incorporate complete or partial cladding: as such all the elements generating noise or vapour emissions have been re-engineered and optimised.

Top Tower 4000 is the only plant which structure is fully designed to comply with the seismic norms standardized all over the world.

Top Tower is the synthesis of an ongoing collaboration with top level customers, which allowed Marini to update and improve the plant paying particular attention to production management, routine maintenance and energy consumption.

The experience and work of FAYAT Group have resulted in a functional and highly efficient plant, responding to the market requirements. Top Tower 4000 is meant to be a reference product for a new demanding and quality oriented clientele.

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